Strategic Advisory Services

Our consulting team is ready to support your critical decisions with prescriptive advice. We will draw conclusions from our wealth of data-driven insight or field proprietary research studies. We can also fuel your marketing engine with custom, co-branded content crafted to engage your target audience and build trust.

Meet Our Advisory Team

Our Consulting Methodology

  • Leverage existing research and data assets from 451 Research

  • Extend those assets with new primary and secondary research

  • Develop insights specific to the context of your project

  • Customize output to meet your unique needs

For Technology Vendors & Service Providers

Our advisory services align to your full business lifecycle

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning
  3. Product Development
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
A Few of the Ways We Can Engage

"In a period of significant change for our company, we collaborated with 451 Research Advisory to validate our decision to exit the direct-to-consumer side of the business, and focus exclusively on our B2B suite of products. After concluding that the User Behavior Analytics segment could be the biggest opportunity for us, we were looking for a third party with both the analyst expertise and a proven research capability to help justify shifts in investment. The data that 451 Research provided helped us validate our business shift, solidify our target market, and fuel business decisions that definitively led to our rebranding. Now, almost three years later, our Behavioral Analytics product is one of the fastest growing segments of our business."

Mike Tierney

CEO, Veriato

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For Enterprise IT

Enterprises face significant roadblocks when transforming their digital infrastructure. Our job is to help enterprise IT executives in the strategy and planning of IT infrastructure investments and changes.

  1. Standardize
  2. Consolidate
  3. Virtualize
  4. Automate
  5. Orchestrate

Will IT as a Service methodologies benefit my organization?

How do we align our digital infrastructure planning states based on changing business demand?

What are the decision drivers for ‚'best execution venues' and how do we decide where to place application workloads?

How can disparate infrastructures (on-prem vs. off-prem vs. cloud) be compared in a meaningful cost vs. capability manner?

How do we make decisions regarding build/buy/colo/cloud (public and private) digital infrastructure options?

How do I create a shortlist of relevant tech vendors?

For Technology Investors

Our advisory team offers market and industry analysis and insight to support early consideration of market segments for investment, identification of prospects, and due diligence on targets.

Some key questions we can address...

What is the market for a particular technology product or service?

Who are the potential buyers and what is the market opportunity?

What is the ecosystem of suppliers and providers in a particular technology segment?

What are the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats facing a particular investment target?