Voice of the Enterprise

Rapid, relevant and predictive insight on customer sentiment, technology choices and spending plans

Voice of the Enterprise covers key technology segments driving digital transformation, and each quarter's survey focuses on a particular theme:
  • Budgets and Spending (Q1)
  • Workloads and Key Projects (Q2)
  • Organizational Dynamics (Q3)
  • Vendor Evaluations (Q4)

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Subscribers can access the service through individual market packages and an all-access package.

Service lines include:

  • Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services

  • Datacenters

  • Information Security

  • Internet of Things

  • Compute Infrastructure

  • Storage

  • AI & Machine Learning

Digital Pulse

Digital Pulse leverages our proprietary panel to track the nature, direction and pace of digital transformation within the enterprise. It provides a view into the overall IT market across technologies and domains, and offers a quarterly look at how budgets, pain points, projects and emerging technologies are changing enterprise technology landscapes.