Customer Insight

Voice of the Service Provider

Actionable insight into the infrastructure-based service provider economy

Voice of the Service Provider Covers Key Quarterly Themes:
  • Infrastructure Evolution

    Business drivers for the migration of legacy server, storage and networking hardware and software platforms to software-defined and other emerging technologies

  • Differentiation & Vendor Selection

    Provider differentiation strategies, vendor selection criteria and best practices for tech partner programs

  • Budgets & Spending

    Provider budget trends and economic motivations for technology introduction, mass use and replacement

  • Workloads & Key Projects

    Current and planned workloads and managed services within a cloud-oriented product portfolio

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Market Insight

The Old Managed Service and the Sea: Cloud Economics Trends in 2020

Cloud in 2019 can be summed up in one word: volume. More services, offers, tiers and payment options have caused the number of cloud price items for sale from the dominant hyperscalers spiral to over two million. The sea of options is only likely to get deeper and choppier.

2020 Preview

2020 Trends in Managed Services & Hosting

Cloud is critical enterprise technology, but the breadth of platforms, features and combinations is creating new complexity. Businesses are universally discovering gaps in cloud skills, now the major roadblock to transformation. This demand for access to specialized talent is defining the next phase of the managed services market.

Market Insight

Hyperscaler as a Service: Service Providers Shift from Competing to Partnering

Over the last decade, the relationship between the major public cloud providers and the next tier of public cloud providers has evolved. These relationships have shifted from competition to partnerships – hyperscaler as a service. This evolution represents recognition by these service providers that trying to go head-to-head with the hyperscalers can be a fool's errand.

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