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Voice of the Enterprise
Market Insight

Diversity and Inclusion in IT – Plenty of Positive Intent, but a Long Way to Go...

If the first step toward absolution is recognizing and accepting you have a problem, then it would seem that most organizations are at least heading in the right direction when it comes to increasing diversity and inclusion. In technology specifically, we have some ways to go – arguably further than in most other industries.

COVID-19 Insight
Market Insight

COVID-19: The 451 Research Take

The initial wave of AI adoption has centered on making legacy systems and processes more intelligent. Embedding machine learning into customer service and support, BI, customer experience, sales, marketing and security applications can make these processes more automated and efficient.

2020 Trends
Market Insight

2020 Preview: A Dozen Tech Predictions for a New Digital Decade

This report represents our inaugural 2020 Research Agenda for cloud-native technologies. It defines the market, calls attention to key trends, and describes how we will study the various technologies, vendors and service providers within it.

"The industry is in a constant flux of creative destruction. Just as quickly as technologies mature, converge and consolidate, disruptive models and capabilities burst into markets and scramble the equation again. While there's a drive toward simplicity, making sense of the process is a full-time job."

Chief Analyst, 451 Research

Eric Hanselman