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451 Research is your radar into the business of IT innovation. Whether you are a product manager investigating the competition, an IT decision-maker evaluating the impact of emerging technologies on your business, a service provider finding your place in an evolving industry, or a dealmaker fueling the digital economy, 451 Research gives you the inside track on your business and your markets.

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Market Insight

New 451 Research Survey Sheds Light on Top Use Cases for AI and Machine Learning in Key Industries

The initial wave of AI adoption has centered on making legacy systems and processes more intelligent. Embedding machine learning into customer service and support, BI, customer experience, sales, marketing and security applications can make these processes more automated and efficient.

2019 Trends
Market Insight

Top 10 Trends for 2019

Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum, and the expanded pallet of the new digital landscape vastly increases the potential for disruption. Accordingly, we've tapped into the 'hive mind' of the 451 analyst team, and – in no particular order – we provide our top 10 trends for the IT industry overall in the coming year.

Information Security
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A Primer on Quantum Security

This report provides a beginner's guide to quantum key exchange based on what Einstein called 'spooky action at a distance.' This isn't a distant dream – big players are investing in R&D, while new players already have commercial offerings for sale.

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"The industry is in a constant flux of creative destruction. Just as quickly as technologies mature, converge and consolidate, disruptive models and capabilities burst into markets and scramble the equation again. While there's a drive toward simplicity, making sense of the process is a full-time job."

Chief Analyst, 451 Research

Eric Hanselman