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451 Research is your radar into the business of IT innovation. Whether you are a product manager investigating the competition, an IT decision-maker evaluating the impact of emerging technologies on your business, a service provider finding your place in an evolving industry, or a dealmaker fueling the digital economy, 451 Research gives you the inside track on your business and your markets.

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Market Insight

Digital transformation: The what, the why and the how

Information Security
Market Insight

Managed security service providers: navigating the players

Managed security services (MSS) is an emerging sector of the security and managed services market, and like many emerging service areas, can be confusing and unclear.

Market Insight

Datacenter and networking topologies are being redrawn at the edge

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"The industry is in a constant flux of creative destruction. Just as quickly as technologies mature, converge and consolidate, disruptive models and capabilities burst into markets and scramble the equation again. While there's a drive toward simplicity, making sense of the process is a full-time job."

Chief Analyst, 451 Research

Eric Hanselman