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Designed to complement our Market Insight service, our long-form Technology & Business Insight reports draw from market data, analysis of customer adoption and perspectives on market dynamics.

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Recent Reports

Quantum Computing: Countdown to a Quantum Leap

Technology and Business Insight

Quantum computing is increasingly in the public eye, with big players looking to educate the next generation, and startups receiving speculative funding. Now is the time to experiment and to keep an open mind, but don’t expect miracles anytime soon

Opportunity at the Intersection of AI and IoT

Technology and Business Insight

The latent promise of the Internet of Things will only be realized if machines can detect complex signal patterns in data across a wide range of sources inside, across and outside the existing silos of data. Today, progress is held back by monolithic application silos and data wastage.

The Emerging Era of Smart Content

Technology and Business Insight

Modern experiential expectations for employees and customers and the need for greater business operational efficiencies are placing new demands around how content is generated, used and managed.