M&A KnowledgeBase

A valuation database of 55,000+ tech transactions with proprietary intelligence on private companies

The industry's leading source for tech M&A intelligence and guidance

The 451 Research M&A KnowledgeBase is a global database of 50,000+ tech M&A transactions. Supported by intuitive visualization tools, the M&A KnowledgeBase encapsulates a wealth of information across the lifecycle of privately held technology companies, providing deep insight on some of the most dynamic and disruptive emerging companies in the technology market.

The M&A KnowledgeBase arms our subscribers with the information needed to make investment, alliance and acquisition decisions with confidence. Industry leaders in investment banking, private equity and corporate development rely on this intelligence to:
  • Gain valuations leverage

    The M&A KnowledgeBase contains more valuation metrics than generic M&A databases and analyst-vetted data on private-company metrics and growth.

  • Analyze trends quickly and easily

    Our tool allows users to visualize trends fast, no downloading thousands of deals.

  • Find market intelligence

    The M&A KnowledgeBase contains detailed competitor data, competitor M&A trends, hot spots of accelerating M&A and funding activity, overall market trends and deep primary analysis from 100+ 451 Research analysts.

  • Explore scenarios

    The M&A KnowledgeBase includes M&A and VC deals, dollars by segment, valuation metrics, revenue trends, most active acquirers and leading advisers.

M&A KnowledgeBase is available in two versions:
Feature M&A KnowledgeBase Professional M&A KnowledgeBase Premium
M&A Transactions Database
Valuation Estimates
Unlimited Downloads
Embedded Visualization Engine
M&A Outlook Annual Report
Private Company Database
Company Data
Analyst 'takes' and SWOT analyses
Competitor list and competitor context
Market Maps

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