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A valuation database of 55,000+ tech transactions with proprietary intelligence on private companies

The tech and financial industries’ leading source for tech M&A intelligence and guidance

The 451 Research M&A KnowledgeBase (MAKB) is a global online database of nearly 60,000 tech M&A transactions. Subscribers gain unique value from our team of more than 100 analysts through their proprietary insight on undisclosed private-company valuations and classification of companies into more than 650 granular categories for more accurate retrieval.

MAKB Subscribers access the database by logging into our Research Dashboard

Leverage MAKB’s industry-leading tools, metrics, special reports and service features through our client portal to get:
  • Gain Deal Leverage

    More data equals more deal leverage. MAKB contains 35% more private-company valuation metrics than generic M&A databases, which – in some key segments – more than 65% of the valuations datapoints are proprietary to us.

  • Find Market and Competitor Intelligence

    Gain detailed competitor data and deep primary analysis from more than 100 industry experts on where companies are placing their bets and what they are paying in the M&A space including easily identified hot spots of accelerating M&A and funding activity.

  • Analyze Trends Quickly and Easily

    Our embedded visualization tool allows subscribers to instantly create and download graphical views of trends without needing to download thousands of deals.

  • Explore Scenarios

    Using the online tool, MAKB subscribers can filter deals and valuations down to a granular level. Users can choose from more than 650 industry segments, industry verticals, geographic regions, acquirer types (strategic vs private equity) or special ‘themes’ that identify SaaS or open source acquisition targets.

"We use your tools to see the VC hotspots and the M&A hotspots to help us understand where markets are going, and where we should perhaps be going."

Analyst at ERP Software Vendor

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