Technology & Business Insight

A holistic view, coupled with detailed perspective, into key market drivers.

451 Research analyzes the technologies, services and companies that disrupt and evolve information technology. Utilizing a proven research methodology and a team of 100+ analysts, we create actionable data and insight to help you implement, invent and invest in digital infrastructure - from edge to core.

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Our Technology & Business Insight product comprises thematically linked reports that are thorough but concise, typically 15-25 pages in length. Designed to complement our Market Insight research product, Technology & Business Insight reports draw from market data, analysis of customer adoption and perspectives on market dynamics:

  • Previews - Presenting a forward view of near-term market dynamics and the technologies that shape them.
  • Forecasts - Analyzing the factors that affect market growth, supported by proprietary market data.
  • Customer Voice - Examining customer needs and requirements as discovered in our proprietary survey data from over 30,000 IT decision-makers.
  • Game Changers - Providing insight into new or emerging markets, utilizing our proprietary M&A KnowledgeBase, funding data and survey-based research.
  • Buying Guides - Delivering actionable advice for enterprise IT clients on selection criteria.
  • Market Maps - Defining the competitive landscape within a specific market, including company profiles and positioning.
  • Unique Analysis - Presenting thought leadership on a specific topic area.

Technology & Business Insight is available in each of our Research Channels. Click here to learn more.

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