2019 Trends

Every year 451 Research publishes a series of 'Preview' reports, presenting a forward view of near-term market dynamics and the technologies that shape them. Our 2019 reports, published across all nine Research Channels, examine a number of trends impacting their respective markets in the next twelve months. Our analysts rate each trend as having either a low, medium or high impact, provide recommendations for players in the market, relate the trends back to our 4SIGHT themes and predict who the winners and losers will be in the changing information technology landscape. In addition to these reports, our analysts present their findings in a series of live webinars.

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2019 Trends in Applied Infrastructure & DevOps

Hyper-competition and digital initiatives drive the need to rethink IT strategy and architecture to deliver applications and information intelligently, and in context, while automating tasks across diverse systems, clouds, devices and things.

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2019 Trends in Cloud Transformation

It’s a teenage rampage (and soon cloud could be completely in command). As cloud turns 13, problems usually associated with adolescence, such as growth and development, have been taken off the table. There is currently a massive land grab for applications and workloads as the conversion to cloud accelerates. The existential question is who will benefit – and who is staring at oblivion?

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2019 Trends in Customer Experience & Commerce

Business is being redefined from a transactional relationship between people into a more nuanced, tangled relationship between humans and the automated systems and devices they use to engage the world.

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2019 Trends in Data, AI & Analytics

As the market continues to accelerate toward being more data-driven, it is becoming increasingly clear what differentiates the most data-driven companies from the least data-driven, in terms of their ability to convert adoption of emerging technologies into actionable business insight.

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2019 Trends in Datacenter Services & Infrastructure

Datacenters are under pressure: They must be the right size, in the right location, with the right connectivity. Despite efforts to move redundancy into applications, datacenter infrastructure is expected to function 24/7, as efficiently as possible...

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2019 Trends in Information Security

The rise of Invisible Infrastructure continues to redefine security implementation, from DevOps and cloud to security’s own embrace of automation. Third-party exposures raise concerns and ‘zero trust’ comes to the fore, while the opportunity for security services is greater than ever.

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2019 Trends in the Internet of Things

While there is still novelty to new technologies and implementations, the collection of IoT markets has adopted a pragmatic, ‘show me the results’ approach to new projects. This extends to how enterprise teams collaborate, where workloads reside, how security is implemented, and how projects are funded and staffed.

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2019 Trends in Managed Services & Hosting

Service providers from every category are converging on the role of cloud enablement services, connecting enterprises with cloud platforms in increasingly complex ways. To stand out in this crowded market, MSPs must build specializations, develop key partnerships, and establish strong security credentials and capabilities.

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2019 Trends in Workforce Productivity & Compliance

Productivity software has never been as disruptive or as exciting as it is now. What we are witnessing is the reformulation of the entire category of tools and technologies.