Blockchain promises to do for transactions what the internet did for information. Basically, anything of value, whether tangible or intangible - i.e., money, land, intellectual property or identity - can be represented digitally on a blockchain and be moved, stored and managed securely. Trust is established through clever code and peer consensus. Blockchain can eliminate inefficiencies by cutting out intermediaries and directly connecting the parties that are exchanging items of value. It can profoundly change the way we interact and operate today.

Before blockchain technology can take hold, however, people and organizations need to get educated about it, and there are still plenty of technology and business issues to overcome. The adoption process will likely be gradual and steady. It is similar to the internet in its first phase - complex and incomprehensible for most, but with huge potential for the future.

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Blockchain M&A Trends Point to a Developing Market

We've seen a major surge in blockchain M&A activity in 2018 where companies are making strategic investments to boost their position in the market.

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Blockchain beyond the hype... What is it good for?

No, blockchain will not do miracles on its own, and it isn't a 'get out of jail free' card. However, it has some real potential, as well. The trick will be to identify when blockchain is the right tool for the job, especially when compared with more traditional database products and services.

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IBM sees 2018 as the year of production for enterprise blockchains

IBM is gearing up for a year when multiple enterprise blockchain projects are expected to go live. Supply chains are a strategic area of focus for the company, and with the recently announced IBM/Maersk joint venture in particular, it is committed to advancing global trade digitization using blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Codex 2017

Blockchain is the talk of the town, promising to revolutionize the way we do business with overwhelming disruptive force. As with any innovative technology, potential users need to understand blockchain's capabilities and benefits, and how it works, in order to apply it.

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Bitcoin: One cryptocurrency to rule them all?

Bitcoin is essentially the first widely used cryptocurrency, but does it represent the best one possible?

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Blockchain proposes a more democratic way of sharing and monetizing data

There are only a handful of corporations that have the massive data sets, skills and knowledge to turn all that into value. But what if data originators (individuals and businesses) could easily and securely share and monetize their data on their own terms?

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ICOs are driving interest in the blockchain startup scene, although risks remain

There are hundreds of startups developing blockchain-based applications and attempting to pioneer disruption across various markets. The deployment of blockchain technology initially focused on the financial services industry; however, other use cases are being studied to determine blockchain's viability to enable new efficiencies and ways of doing business.