Cloud Native

Cloud-native technologies are used in the design or redesign of applications built to run in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Cloud-native technologies include containers, service mesh, microservices and serverless functions, all of which can be independently updated, controlled, scaled or reconfigured to deliver a coordinated application experience. Adoption of cloud-native is driven by the speed, automation, efficiency, scalability, and portability advantages it can bring to the modern enterprise. Cloud-native is supportive and complementary to adjacent trends such as the adoption of multi-cloud infrastructures, A.I. and IoT workloads, and edge computing.

Cloud-native is a topic 451 Research has been covering since 2012. Today, 451 Research dedicates significant qualitative and quantitative resources to the topic area. Qualitatively we have simplified the CNCF Cloud-Native taxonomy to nine major landscape segments [i.e. Data, A.I., and Analytics, DevOps CI/CD, Management & Orchestration, etc.] each discrete segment has a dedicated research leader, short and long-form research agenda, vendor coverage plan, and future roadmap. Login to the Research Dashboard and search though our cloud native research.

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June 19, 2020 at 11:00 am EST

Introducing 451 Research-S&P Global Market Intelligence Cloud Native Technologies Research

Covering the technologies and processes enabling the transition to a cloud-native and DevOps-centric approach to software development, this webinar introduces the 451 Research Cloud Native Technologies Channel – our view and segmentation of the market, research agenda and team.

Market Insight
Published: April 9, 2020

COVID-19: Cloud-Native Impacts

We expect that the COVID-19 impact on cloud-native technologies will end up, in aggregate, to be positive. The 'cloud' sits strategically at the top of the list of IT technologies viewed as most transformative, and any work in progress is prone to acceleration, not retrenchment, for those for whom the short-term negatives of COVID-19 can and will be absorbed.

Market Insight
Published: March 24, 2020

COVID-19: The 451 Research Take

In this report, we offer a higher-level view of how the pandemic may impact key segments of the technology industry overall, including some recommendations for IT and business leaders looking to be responsive to this exceptional situation.

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How to Navigate 451's Cloud-Native Research in 2020

This report represents our inaugural 2020 Research Agenda for cloud-native technologies. It defines the market, calls attention to key trends, and describes how we will study the various technologies, vendors and service providers within it.

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Embracing the Shift to Cloud Native in 2020

451 Research's Founder and Research Vice President William Fellows presents his analysis of the cloud native technologies and trends that will drive and reshape enterprise technology markets in the year to come and how 451 Research is covering this sector.

Market Insight

Cloud Trends in 2020: The Year of Complexity, and its Management

The cloud space continues to evolve as hybrid/multi-cloud emerges as the key organizing principle for increasingly heterogeneous IT, cloud-native technologies enter into IT environments, and complexity (and lack of in-house skills) creates a new landscape for IT operations.

Press Release

451 Research Establishes Cloud Native “Centre of Excellence”

Leading technology analyst firm launches new omni-channel initiative to provide comprehensive data and insight around the fast-emerging cloud native market

Technology & Business Insight

The Impact and Evolution of Cloud Native

This report discusses cloud native software and its impact on enterprise infrastructure and applications, including key vendors and what the trend means moving forward.

Market Insight

The Role of Service Mesh as a Cloud-Native Enabler is Building Fast

Why all the excitement about service mesh? Because it has the potential to become a Swiss Army Knife of modern-day software, solving for the most vexing challenges of distributed microservices-based applications.

Market Insight

Kubernetes Turns Five: Cloud Native Goes Mainstream

It's hardly scientific but one way to think about this market – and the opportunity – is that while 90% of applications don't use containers, 95% of new applications do.

Market Insight

A Cloud Feast Heralds the Era of Consumption, Part 1

This is the first of two spotlights that examine the opportunity to support hybrid environments (including on-premises clouds) via management platforms, as well as the role of hyperscalers and other suppliers, and the opportunity delivered by the re-platforming to cloud-native.

Market Insight

A Cloud Feast Heralds the Era of Consumption, Part 2

This is the second of two spotlights that examine the opportunity to support hybrid environments (including on-premises cloud) via management platforms, the role of hyperscalers and other suppliers, plus the opportunity delivered by the re-platforming to cloud-native.