Customer Experience

Technology is quickly catalyzing one of the most profound changes ever in the relationship between individuals and the world around them. Businesses are being redefined amid a shift from transactional relationships between people to more nuanced, complex relationships between humans and the automated systems and devices they use to engage with business and each other. With this comes a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers, across virtually all industries. Price and products are no longer enough to influence decisions; customers value experiences.

Improving customer experience demands an approach that takes into account all of the tools, processes, and data across the customer journey. This complex process usually involves dynamically maintaining a single source of truth about each customer to drive contextualized experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors. Advancements in artificial intelligence driven by machine learning algorithms are at the heart of next-generation customer experience initiatives. Organizations must complement existing investments in systems of record with systems of engagement and systems of intelligence that are more agile and can ensure a frictionless customer experience. Systems of engagement — tools and applications specifically designed for automating customer-facing processes — can be tied to systems of record so that existing intelligence isn't lost, but can also be leveraged in ways that enable, rather than inhibit, positive customer experiences.

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The rise of invisible interfaces reshapes customer engagement

Market Insight

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Customer Experience: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We are witnessing a dramatic shift in the balance of power between many organizations and their customers across virtually all industries. Price and products are no longer enough; customers value experiences.

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AI brings the dawn of the new customer intelligence platforms'

As the universe of what is 'knowable' about customers is expanding, new machine-learning technologies evolve to help businesses see further and deeper, improving business decision-making.

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Customer Experience Management

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