Digital Payments

451 Research's coverage of the payments ecosystem focuses on emerging technologies impacting the way in which transactions are initiated and facilitated. Through a combination of syndicated research and custom Advisory engagements, we help clients on both the card issuing and acquiring sides of the payments business understand and adapt to market shifts triggered by digital transformation.

Our research provides a view into the way digital technologies are evolving the delivery, consumption and business models for payment services. To accomplish this, we cover the marketplace through a unique bottom-up view, investigating how individual payments providers - both established and emerging - are innovating, and the implications of those innovations for the competitive landscape. In our effort to assess the trajectory and momentum of the payment innovations within the market, we produce quarterly quantitative studies that take the pulse of both mass-market and early-adopter end users.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Evolution of Digital Payments – a Multi-Market Perspective

COVID-19 has brought significant disruption to the way consumers transfer money and make payments. Fears of contagion have accelerated certain trends that had already been well underway across the globe, including the move towards cash-less payment options and online commerce.

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Published: April 29, 2020

Banks must act now to tap the Contactless Payment Momentum created by COVID-19

Our analysis shows that contactless cards have seen promising early results in the US. We anticipate that this momentum will be furthered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has quickly positioned proximity payments as the most sanitary way to pay.

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Published: April 7, 2020

COVID-19: The Impact of a Pandemic on the Payments Industry

The coronavirus is bringing with it a wave of change across the payments industry. No entity or segment has been granted immunity, but some will fare better than others. Payments stakeholders must work quickly to familiarize themselves with the threats and opportunities stemming from the global pandemic and put in place plans for adaptation.

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Digital Wallet Adoption: a Merchant and Consumer Perspective

The variety of digital wallet options has proliferated over the past decade in step with consumers' growing use of connected devices for commerce. Wallets are pitched to shoppers as a more convenient way to pay online and for merchants the promise of improved conversion rates is a salient selling point. We'll look at how the digital wallet value proposition is resonating with the market...

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2020 Outlook: Payments, FinTech & Beyond

Payments and banking are being transformed by the confluence of new technologies, new entrants and new customer demands. Watch Research Director Jordan McKee's webinar where he shares how these market forces will impact payments, retail and fintech in 2020.

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Libra: a Leaky Ship on an Uncharted Financial Services Expedition

Although banking stakeholders and global regulators have been contesting with technology companies' ongoing evolution into financial services providers for some time, Facebook's unveiling of Libra turned more heads and sparked more heated conversations than arguably any tech-led initiative before it.


Critical for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Contextual Commerce is Convenience, Context and Control

The holiday season is right around the corner and so are the notorious shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to our Voice of the Connected User Landscape survey, 80% of respondents plan to spend the same as the previous year and the remaining 20% plan to modify their spending.

Market Monitor: Global Unified Commerce Forecast

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Blockchain in Financial Services

It's hardly a surprise that after the impactful appearance of bitcoin in 2009, the financial industry was the first to jump in and examine the underlying technology, particularly how it may hurt banks and other financial services firms, and explore what other applications (beyond digital currencies) exist for blockchain and what opportunities it may bring for the industry.