Digital Payments

451 Research's coverage of the payments ecosystem focuses on emerging technologies impacting the way in which transactions are initiated and facilitated. Through a combination of syndicated research and custom Advisory engagements, we help clients on both the card issuing and acquiring sides of the payments business understand and adapt to market shifts triggered by digital transformation.

Our research provides a view into the way digital technologies are evolving the delivery, consumption and business models for payment services. To accomplish this, we cover the marketplace through a unique bottom-up view, investigating how individual payments providers - both established and emerging - are innovating, and the implications of those innovations for the competitive landscape. In our effort to assess the trajectory and momentum of the payment innovations within the market, we produce quarterly quantitative studies that take the pulse of both mass-market and early-adopter end users.

Market Monitor & Forecast

Global Unified Commerce Forecast Uncovers Dramatic Shifts In Consumer Spending Patterns

The premise of 451 Research’s Global Unified Commerce Forecast is to deliver a view into the evolution of consumer spending patterns across more than 60 individual countries. The forecast provides five-year projections for overall retail transaction volume and sales, drilling down into purchase activity across in-store, mobile contactless, e-commerce and m-commerce.

Market Insight

The rise of invisible interfaces reshapes customer engagement

Business is being redefined from a transactional relationship between people into a more nuanced, tangled relationship between humans and the automated systems and devices they use to engage the world.

Market Insight

Zelle is an ally in banks' battle for control over P2P payments

At a time when financial institutions are facing incessant threats from technology companies aiming to distintermediate them from their customers, Zelle has emerged as an ally.

Market Insight

2018 payments guide: 10 trends to watch in the New Year

In this report we discuss 10 trends that we believe will leave a mark on the payments value chain in 2018.


Digital Commerce Fraud Outlook

2018 will be another challenging year as increasing EMV penetration in the US further throttles the counterfeiting market, shifting more fraudulent activity into digital channels.

Voice of the Connected User Landscape

Digital Payments Lead the Charge in the War on Cash

Market Insight

Sweden's Klarna looks to fuel US growth with e-commerce financing products

The vendor has grown from a niche Nordic payments specialist to a global player with operations in 18 markets in little more than a decade. Recently launching in the US, Klarna has chosen to orient its primary go-to-market efforts around an alternative financing offering for e-commerce purchases.

Market Insight

Three early imperatives at the intersection of IoT and payments

If it seems like IoT is the new shiny object in payments, it's because it is. From appliances to automobiles, emerging connectivity platforms have captivated the collective attention of the payments ecosystem with new commerce use cases and scenarios.

Technology & Business Insight

Mobile Point of Sale Market Map 2016

Market Insight

Mastercard aims to accelerate utilization of its APIs via Mastercard Developers platform

Mastercard was the first payments network provider to create a formal developer outreach program, offering access to select APIs beginning in 2012 with the launch of the Mastercard Developer Zone. This served as a web-based developer portal and provided the company with a means to showcase the capabilities of its network, but was more intended as a test-and-learn environment than a commercial initiative.