Digital Transformation

451 Research defines digital transformation as the result of IT innovation that is aligned with and driven by a well-planned business strategy, with the goal of transforming how organizations serve customers, employees and partners; support continuous improvement in business operations; disrupt existing businesses and markets; and devise new businesses and business models.

We are in an era of digital revolution, where competitive advantage depends on how well we use the enterprise digital infrastructure, and how we utilize the business applications and massive amounts of data flowing across it. Every company is becoming a software company — some just don’t all realize it yet. But those that do are digitally transforming themselves to take advantage of cloud computing at scale, advanced analytics, massive amounts of data coming from every connected device, and the power of AI and machine learning to derive insights from that data and drive better decision-making.

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The rise of invisible interfaces reshapes customer engagement

Technology is quickly becoming the catalyst for one of the most profound changes ever to occur in the relationship between individuals and the companies they connect with.

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Dawn of a new era: Why systems of engagement require systems of intelligence

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SAP Hybris shares its vision of enabling digital transformation via contextual experiences

SAP Hybris is prioritizing research and development toward creating intelligent business applications that can understand, contextualize and embed data intelligently into business processes.

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Business Process Services for Digital Transformation Projects

The business process services market opportunity is being transformed via the application of cloud delivered advanced technologies. Customers are increasingly seeing BPS providers as partners to assist with the digitization of business processes that forms part of every digital transformation project. All technology vendors need to be aware of the changing scope of BPS in order to hone their partnering strategies for digital transformation.

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Digital transformation: The what, the why and the how

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Data Management & Analytics

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