Edge Datacenters

An anticipated wave of new edge datacenter capacity, driven by the Internet of Things, distributed cloud and other applications, will differ in many ways from past edge buildouts. Rather than being mostly IT siloes serving small business applications, branch and departmental computing needs, upcoming edge installations will not be incidental or tactical in nature but devised as part of strategic multi-tier IT services architectures.

These next-generation edge deployments are opening up new opportunities for hardware and software vendors alike, as well as for service providers that can effectively take advantage of a distributed edge tier. 451 Research tracks this competitive landscape, as well as the technical evolution and changing business models of edge datacenters and their uses. In addition to this market insight, we also produce quantitative market forecasts and regional perspectives.


Technology & Business Insight

Opportunity at the Intersection of AI and IoT

The latent promise of the Internet of Things will only be realized if machines can detect complex signal patterns in data across a wide range of sources inside, across and outside the existing silos of data. Today, progress is held back by monolithic application silos and data wastage.

Market Insight

Datacenter and networking topologies are being redrawn at the edge

Technology & Business Insight

Datacenters at the Edge

The need for datacenter capacity for edge computing and the Internet of Things will lead to new datacenter form factors, as well as new cloud computing and networking approaches. This report examines the arguments both for and against the rapid buildout of datacenters at the edge, and includes edge architectural schemas, new datacenter types and an assessment of the types of workloads they will likely support.

Voice of the Enterprise

On average, 50.4% of IoT data gets stored

Our recent Voice of the Enterprise - Internet of Things survey asked a number of questions about how the IoT stack - the collection of platforms and processes required to deploy an IoT initiative - is evolving. One issue driving the stack's evolution is storage capacity, and survey respondents say they planned to deploy an average of 30.4TB of additional storage to address their IoT needs.

Market Insight

Which technologies will disrupt the datacenter?

There is often no single answer when ranking the most disruptive technologies to come, but in our research, distributed resiliency came out on top.

Market Map

Internet of Things: Internet-Centric

451 Research Market Maps™ are available in over fifty technology markets and are designed to provide you a view of the vendor landscape in a specific market and across major market segments.

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Which workloads are attracted to the edge?