Internet of Things (IoT)

451 Research has been covering the Internet of Things since 2004, from consumer adoption of smart home offerings and connected cars, to network operator enabling technologies, and enterprises implementing industrial automation. Our current IoT coverage combines regularly quantitative survey results from enterprises and consumers, M&A and investment activity across the industry, and qualitative insight for a holistic perspective on real-world uses of the Internet of Things. Our research results in hundreds of written reports, custom research projects, and strategic consulting engagements.

Market Insight

GE Digital prepackages its Predix platform around business outcomes

GE Digital has predefined offerings that target the nexus of operational efficiency and business improvement by delivering a full range of capabilities around its Predix industrial IoT (IIoT) platform.

Technology & Business Insight

Augmented and Virtual Reality: User Interfaces for IoT

Market Insight

Crossing the intersection of connected cars and commerce

This report illustrates the stakeholders, challenges, current market developments and potential future use cases that embedded in-vehicle payments have to offer.

Voice Of The Connected User Landscape

Amazon and Apple Are Most Preferred Smart Home Brands

Growth for the smart home market continues to be driven by uptake of energy management and security solutions, as consumers seek cloud-powered answers to practical problems at home. Interestingly, when asked about their most preferred manufacturer of smart home tech, Amazon and Apple take the prize -- neither of which make thermostats or security cameras.

Market Insight

HERE Technologies is driving location applications in IoT and automotive

A pivotal piece of the IoT puzzle is the accurate representation of the location of a connected device, equipment, asset or person. This data can provide context for the enablement of various connected applications in several markets.

Market Map

IoT: Things-Centric

451 Research Market Maps‚Ñ¢ are available in over fifty technology markets and are designed to provide you a view of the vendor landscape in a specific market and across major market segments.

Market Insight

Comcast will expand its machineQ LoRa IoT service to 12 more US cities

Comcast first dipped its toe into the low-power wide area network (LPWAN) IoT services pool when it announced the machineQ trial venture in October 2016. The core solution is built using LoRa wireless radio frequency technology created by chipset maker Semtech, and has gained worldwide notoriety driven in part by the growing LoRa Alliance.