Internet of Things (IoT)

451 Research has been covering the Internet of Things since 2004, from consumer adoption of smart home offerings and connected cars, to network operator enabling technologies, and enterprises implementing industrial automation. Our current IoT coverage combines regularly quantitative survey results from enterprises and consumers, M&A and investment activity across the industry, and qualitative insight for a holistic perspective on real-world uses of the Internet of Things. Our research results in hundreds of written reports, custom research projects, and strategic consulting engagements.

Market Insight

The Great Crew Change: A Demographic Time Bomb Driving Adoption of Industrial IoT, AR and AI

The great crew change is a common term used across the industrial sector to describe the ongoing retirement of a large body of experienced workers in factories and construction, although it started with the oil & gas and mining industries.

Market Monitor

Total Connected Devices Will Reach 13.8 Billion by 2024

Technology & Business Insight

2020 Trends in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things market is maturing from early enthusiasm to specific use cases with tangible benefits. With this maturity has come deeper understanding of which venues are best for specific tasks and workloads, which sensors provide the most benefits, and more approachable development tools for IoT deployments.

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The Evolution and Complexity of the Games Industry Applied at the Edge and in the Cloud

In this report, we look at the differing affordances of games to help shed a light on the challenges that certain types of applications present regarding expectations for edge and cloud deployment and network usage.

Voice of the Enterprise

IoT, The OT Perspective 1H 2019

Technology & Business Insight

The Digital Smart City Opportunity

Smart cities hold tremendous potential for municipalities and their citizens -- as well as the vendors and service providers that help make them possible. While other technology and Internet of Things solution areas may get more attention (and investment), the ability to leverage communications and information technologies to address urban challenges represents a significant market opportunity.

Market Insight

Cisco Exhorts Partners to 'Own Their Edge' and Take its Technology Further for Competitive Advantage

Cisco's CX initiative, announced a year ago, is an ambitious strategy to transform the business model of the company and its channel to market. The plan is to enable and support annuity-based revenue streams as technology becomes more complex and demanding for customer IT teams.

Voice of the Connected User Landscape

Endpoints & IoT, Consumer Representative, Q3 2019

Technology & Business Insight

The Edge and the Fog: Where Are They Now?

Two industry terms that are widely used, often conflated and poorly defined are ‘edge computing’ and ‘fog computing.’ The purpose of this report is to provide clarity around these two terms, what they signify, key enabling technologies and customer adoption, as well as the market opportunity.