Internet of Things (IoT)

451 Research has been covering the Internet of Things since 2004, from consumer adoption of smart home offerings and connected cars, to network operator enabling technologies, and enterprises implementing industrial automation. Our current IoT coverage combines regularly quantitative survey results from enterprises and consumers, M&A and investment activity across the industry, and qualitative insight for a holistic perspective on real-world uses of the Internet of Things. Our research results in hundreds of written reports, custom research projects, and strategic consulting engagements.

Technology & Business Insight

Navigating the Autonomous Vehicle Market

The transportation industry is changing in response to the widespread adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – new methods of building vehicles using cutting-edge software, technologies and sensors are being developed, and longstanding OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are evolving to offer more comprehensive portfolios. Public concerns about the safety and reliability of self-driving vehicles mean the road to full autonomy will be anything but smooth, but...

Market Insight

Autonomy-level Classification for Robots in an IIoT World

We based our nine-level robot classification on autonomy to incorporate this concept and to specifically help differentiate autonomy from intelligence.

Technology & Business Insight

The Medical IoT: Benefits to Patients, Providers and Payers

Medical IoT will fuel greater change in healthcare over the next 10 years than in all of the last 100 years. The application of IoT to healthcare will allow a reboot of healthcare delivery – capturing patient data more regularly and allowing it to be rapidly assimilated into proactive, outpatient-based diagnosis and treatment.

Market Insight

Consumers cautiously optimistic about their self-driving futures

The idea of cars that drive themselves was the realm of science fiction not many years ago, but a confluence of recent technology advancements has made this fiction a reality.

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Exploring Industrial IoT Adoption Rates and Maturity Across Industry Types

The term ‘industrial Internet of Things’ covers a diverse set of enterprises and pulls in a mix of brownfield and greenfield operations. Within those operations, the needs of continuous processes vary from those of discrete manufacturing. The willingness, ability or practicality of applying new technology also varies across differing sizes of enterprise.

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Economics of IoT

Voice Of The Connected User Landscape

Amazon and Apple Are Most Preferred Smart Home Brands

Growth for the smart home market continues to be driven by uptake of energy management and security solutions, as consumers seek cloud-powered answers to practical problems at home. Interestingly, when asked about their most preferred manufacturer of smart home tech, Amazon and Apple take the prize -- neither of which make thermostats or security cameras.