Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The history of the software industry is one of automating repetitive human processes. It started in finance and has spread more or less across all aspects of business and society. But that was largely a case of humans telling computers what to do and letting them get on with it by following rules. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) change all that, since the technologies can learn the best way to achieve something and continue to improve, augmented by human intelligence and effort.

AI is something 451 Research has been covering since 2001, starting with a focus on machine learning-driven text analytics to identify text in large data sets for intelligence purposes and branching out from there. Now with machine learning becoming embedded in all major business applications and automating tasks and processes within them, we believe that any applications that don't use it will ultimately fail. But the AI market is bigger than the technology industry as we know it now; it spans all types of manufacturing and services.

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New 451 Research Survey Sheds Light on Top Use Cases for AI and Machine Learning in Key Industries

The initial wave of AI adoption has centered on making legacy systems and processes more intelligent. Embedding machine learning into customer service and support, BI, customer experience, sales, marketing and security applications can make these processes more automated and efficient.

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Process Automation, Bots & Mining: Essential Technologies for Digital Business - and Their Fate

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How Machine Learning Acquisitions and Implementations Are Adding Value

For a comprehensive look at machine learning – covering everything from the technological underpinnings to the financial outcomes in the sector – watch 451 Research’s Research Vice Presidents Brenon Daly and Nick Patience discuss the machine learning market including how some key tech acquirers are participating in the rapidly emerging market.

Voice of the Enterprise

Gaining transparency into the pricing models of public and private clouds

The Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) quarterly surveys focus on major themes, and 451 Research clients can access the service in ways that make sense for their business. These themes now include AI & Machine Learning.

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In the land of the data giants, the big look set to get bigger

The five most valuable companies in the world in terms of market capitalization - Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook - also stand to benefit the most from the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and skills, as well as abundant data processing power and, most importantly, proprietary data.

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Current and Future State of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to revolutionize not only the software industry, but also the way we live, work, learn and play. We examine the use cases and technologies setting the pace in this rapidly evolving space.

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Machine-learning-based analysis and objectivity: an uneasy pairing

The benefits of using machine learning to discover patterns and trends in data, and moreover to automate analysis that was traditionally carried out by humans, is pretty well understood. But as is the case with any hot and hyped technology, the pitfalls aren't so well known or understood, particularly by business users, which represent a large part of the addressable audience now entertaining the use of it.