Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The history of the software industry is one of automating repetitive human processes. It started in finance and has spread more or less across all aspects of business and society. But that was largely a case of humans telling computers what to do and letting them get on with it by following rules. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) change all that, since the technologies can learn the best way to achieve something and continue to improve, augmented by human intelligence and effort.

AI is something 451 Research has been covering since 2001, starting with a focus on machine learning-driven text analytics to identify text in large data sets for intelligence purposes and branching out from there. Now with machine learning becoming embedded in all major business applications and automating tasks and processes within them, we believe that any applications that don't use it will ultimately fail. But the AI market is bigger than the technology industry as we know it now; it spans all types of manufacturing and services.

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In the land of the data giants, the big look set to get bigger

The five most valuable companies in the world in terms of market capitalization - Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook - also stand to benefit the most from the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and skills, as well as abundant data processing power and, most importantly, proprietary data.

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Mobile-native communications and digital assistants define the future of work at MWC 2018

This year, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) and IoT once again were the dominant themes across the exhibition halls and keynote sessions.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality: User Interfaces for IoT

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Google details the what, why and how of its Tensor Processing Unit for machine learning

Google, historically very secretive about the details of its technical infrastructure, has published a paper going into great detail on the motivation, design and performance of its TensorFlow inference acceleration ASIC: the Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU.

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Machine-learning-based analysis and objectivity: an uneasy pairing

The benefits of using machine learning to discover patterns and trends in data, and moreover to automate analysis that was traditionally carried out by humans, is pretty well understood. But as is the case with any hot and hyped technology, the pitfalls aren't so well known or understood, particularly by business users, which represent a large part of the addressable audience now entertaining the use of it.

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OpenText looks to navigate crowded machine-learning analysis waters with Magellan

OpenText is entering the sizzling but crowded machine-learning analytics sector with Magellan, an Apache Spark-based offering that draws on the company's $330m acquisition of enterprise reporting and analytics stalwart Actuate in late 2014, as well as its purchase of text analytics vendor Nstein Technologies a few years earlier.