Managed Services

451 Research has extensively covered service providers and their offerings even as they move further up the stack with a variety of cloud services from new and emerging technology vendors. While web hosting, operational management and application services remain popular with our clients, new kinds of 'as a Service' offerings are appearing to meet new demands. We get an increasing amount of client inquiries around managed security, cyber disaster-recovery services, managed hosting, distribution channel dynamics and more.

As private equity and venture capital investment in this space has grown, we have seen a sharp increase in client interest, as well as strategic Advisory projects with companies looking to move into managed service provision. We cover key managed services sectors via in-depth reports, encompassing supply and demand, disruptive trends and regional adoption in conjunction with our Voice of The Enterprise Hosting & Cloud Managed Services research.

Market Insight

Enterprise spending plans show shrinking role for non-cloud hosted infrastructure

The use of cloud-based technologies in IT operations is widespread to the point that non-cloud types of hosted infrastructure (such as dedicated server environments) are absent from the spending plans of many IT decision-makers.

Technology & Business Insight

Multi-Tenant Datacenter Global Providers 2017

Market Insight

MSP metrics for profitable and sustainable growth

The common adage of 'what gets measured gets managed' is repeated in businesses of all sizes and types – particularly in the service provider space.

Market Monitor & Forecast

Managed Security Services Revenue to Exceed $17bn by 2021

Managed Security Services entail the outsourcing of some or all IT security functions to a service provider that monitors and manages the environment from an offsite location. Included in our definition are providers that take over management of on-premises security technology belonging to the customer, or that deploy security technology to the customer’s premises and manage it from off-site.

Market Insight

Zscaler embraces MSP channel to deliver security as a service

Cloud security platform provider Zscaler believes that as applications continue to move to the cloud, on-premises network security will eventually become irrelevant.

Voice of the Enterprise

Hosting & Cloud Managed Services, Organizational Dynamics

Combining a proprietary panel of more than 60,000 senior IT buyers with our robust data-collection methodologies, 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: Hosting & Cloud Managed Services tracks and analyzes the disruption occurring in the market today and exposes the major opportunities for enterprises, IT vendors, suppliers and investors.

Market Insight

From colo to cloud: Climbing the services stack - Introduction

Over the past few years, multi-tenant datacenters (MTDCs) have been faced with a choice – scale up with larger facilities and geo-diversified portfolios, or scale out with service additions.