451 Research has covered OpenStack since its early days, and regularly field a variety of OpenStack-related inquiries and Advisory engagements. In the past, questions were mainly about its viability, the competitive landscape and investment opportunities. While we continue to get questions about the competitive landscape, there is now more interest from the service-provider and enterprise communities about adoption trends and the workloads deployed on OpenStack.

We produce an annual 'pulse check' on the OpenStack business models that have emerged and changed, including quantitative market-sizing data, regional perspectives and customer-survey feedback. We cover a variety of software vendors and service providers that are leveraging OpenStack both internally and for commercial offerings, and we provide up-to-date insight on the open source platform's functionality, governance and direction.

Market Insight

China entering a new era of open source development

The sheer size of the nation's IT industry, combined with ongoing government support for indigenous technologies, make China a hotbed of innovation, particularly when it comes to deploying open source software.

Market Insight

Quobyte aims to disrupt software-defined storage with its Data Center File System

Software-defined storage (SDS) vendor Quobyte offers a distributed file system that can accommodate storage operating at the petabyte scale. The appeal of SDS lies in its accompanying increase in agility and scalability, and Quobyte joins several other startups attacking primary storage incumbents.

Market Insight

Will open source software become a 'tragedy of the commons'?

The benefit of open source software is that anyone can use, add, customize or amend it, and theoretically, any application built to take advantage of its features should work regardless of where it is situated and who is operating it.

Market Monitor & Forecast

$1.4bn of OpenStack revenue is generated by the top seven vendors

The bulk of OpenStack revenue (80%) is currently generated by seven top vendors, with Rackspace as the notable leader in terms of market share. The remaining 20% of revenue is distributed across 79 vendors.