Technology M&A

The emerging technology marketplace covered by 451 Research is a hotbed for mergers and acquisitions. With much of the M&A focused on private companies, it is often difficult to find information about deal valuations and the rationales driving the transaction. As a specialist in emerging and disruptive technologies, 451 Research has accordingly focused on tech M&A, providing extensive analysis as well as the M&A KnowledgeBase, a database of more than 50,000 technology M&A transactions across more than 650 sectors. Our mission is to provide insight on deal dynamics in emerging sectors, shed light on deal rationales and provide well-vetted estimates of undisclosed deal values and valuation multiples.

M&A Trends

Blockchain M&A Trends Point to a Developing Market

We've seen a major surge in blockchain M&A activity in 2018 where companies are making strategic investments to boost their position in the market.

On Demand Webinar

How Machine Learning Acquisitions and Implementations Are Adding Value

For a comprehensive look at machine learning – covering everything from the technological underpinnings to the financial outcomes in the sector – watch 451 Research’s Research Vice Presidents Brenon Daly and Nick Patience discuss the machine learning market including how some key tech acquirers are participating in the rapidly emerging market.

M&A Trends

Enterprise Technology IPOs are at the Highest Rate in more than 10 Years

Software and information security startups dominate B2B IPOs and the pipeline tracked by 451 Research

M&A KnowledgeBase

M&A spending and deal activity for the red-hot machine learning segment

Deal Analysis

One Step Beyond: Cisco Picks Up MFA Leader DUO Security to Further its Zero-Trust Vision

Announcing its second-largest information security (infosec) deal, Cisco says it will pay $2.4bn for Duo Security, adding identity and access management (IAM) to the networking giant's ever-expanding security portfolio.

Deal Analysis

Salesforce snags CloudCraze to expand into B2B unified commerce

In what could well be its first significant deal following a prolonged respite from M&A, Salesforce has returned to the market with the acquisition of CloudCraze, a B2B complement to its $2.8bn Demandware buy.

Sector IQ

Data and distribution plays will power payment networks' inorganic growth strategies

The deep moats created by payment networks are increasingly being challenged by emerging technologies and providers. This report explores a variety of inorganic growth avenues that payment networks should consider to further enhance their value and maintain continued relevance.

Annual M&A Outlook

Tech M&A Outlook 2018

The M&A Outlook 2018 report represents 451 Research's comprehensive analysis of recent M&A activity and our forecast for trends that are expected to shape dealmaking in the coming year. All acquisition data comes from 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase, the industry's only technology-specific M&A database.