Technology M&A

The emerging technology marketplace covered by 451 Research is a hotbed for mergers and acquisitions. With much of the M&A focused on private companies, it is often difficult to find information about deal valuations and the rationales driving the transaction. As a specialist in emerging and disruptive technologies, 451 Research has accordingly focused on tech M&A, providing extensive analysis as well as the M&A KnowledgeBase, a database of more than 50,000 technology M&A transactions across more than 650 sectors. Our mission is to provide insight on deal dynamics in emerging sectors, shed light on deal rationales and provide well-vetted estimates of undisclosed deal values and valuation multiples.

Annual M&A Outlook

Tech M&A Outlook 2020: Introduction

The M&A Outlook 2020 report represents 451 Research's comprehensive analysis of recent M&A activity and our forecast for trends that are expected to shape dealmaking in the coming year. All acquisition data comes from 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase, the industry's only technology-specific M&A database.


2020 Tech M&A Outlook Webinar

Watch the replay of the 2020 Tech M&A Outlook webinar, presented by Brenon Daly, Research Vice President at 451 Research.

M&A Insights

Busy with 'Things'

Big things are forecast for the Internet of Things. IoT spending is expected to nearly quadruple over the next five years, topping a half-trillion dollars. To get a place in that massive market, acquirers have gone on an unprecedented shopping spree so far this year.

M&A Insight

Will not Mixing Blue and Red Yield Green?

After more than eight months of review by regulatory officials around the globe, Big Blue officially owns Red Hat. The $33bn deal stands as the largest software acquisition in history – almost twice the size of the second-largest deal in the space, according to 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase.

M&A Insight

Going It Alone

After bulking up in recent years in part to fend off the ever-expanding influence of the cloud suppliers, web hosting and managed service providers are now going it alone. For the most part, they've closed the M&A playbook, or at the very least, dramatically scaled back their acquisition ambitions.

M&A Trends

A Valuation Gap Across The Atlantic

Europe's underdeveloped venture industry, combined with its slowing economic activity overall, is turning the Continent into a bargain market for tech M&A. Over the past half-decade, Western European acquirers have consistently paid roughly one turn lower than their North American counterparts.

M&A Insights

Tech M&A Dips in Q2 as Buyers Move on from Growth Deals at Growth Prices

The summer holiday came early to the tech M&A market. Dealmakers around the globe announced nearly 15% fewer tech and telecom acquisitions in Q2 than in recent quarters, according to 451 Research's M&A KnowledgeBase. And they didn't spend much on the deals that they did get done.

M&A Trends

Blockchain M&A Trends Point to a Developing Market

We've seen a major surge in blockchain M&A activity in 2018 where companies are making strategic investments to boost their position in the market.

M&A Trends

Enterprise Technology IPOs are at the Highest Rate in more than 10 Years

Software and information security startups dominate B2B IPOs and the pipeline tracked by 451 Research