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60 mins

Unlocking the Business Value of Unstructured Data with AI/ML

Anke Conzelmann of Iron Mountain and Nick Patience of 451 Research

The vast amount of unstructured data that exists in organizations represents both a risk and a new set of opportunities. Until recently, that vast – and growing – set of data represented something to be tolerated at best, or feared at worst, given the risks inherent in ignoring the sensitive nature of some of the content. Now, machine learning enables not only the classification and management of that data, but also the ability to create new revenue streams from previously dormant data.

43 mins

Digital Signatures and Digital Workflow Impact on Workforce Transformations

Chris Marsh of 451 Research

Improving workforce productivity has risen in list of IT priorities, and in 451 Research’s corporate software survey, it’s now the number one initiative for IT-led digital transformation. IT can make a significant impact by alleviating the pervasive friction employees face in getting their work done.

55 mins

Contextualized, Personalized, Prioritized: Strategic Initiatives for the New Digital Service Provider

Paul Hughes of Netcracker and Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research

This webinar will examine some recent 451 Research data highlighting the importance of organizational alignment around customer and the sales process and will provide Netcracker’s perspective on how telecom and cable providers can prioritize their next moves to best address these critical issues. .