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63 mins

Redesign your data architecture to deliver modern, personalized applications

Jeff Morris – Couchbase and Jay Lyman – 451 Research


As consumers and providers relentlessly push for cool new applications and services, research shows that the top desired outcome of enterprise DevOps implementations is to improve the quality of the user experience. In this webinar, Couchbase joins us to discuss why a truly modern experience requires a distributed data platform with robust capabilities for mobile integration, analytical processing, and microservices…


49 mins

Voice of the Fintech Vendor and Global Consumer: Market Update

Dane James – Discover Global Network, Claudia Schaefer – Discover Global Network, Tribh Grewal – Discover Global Network and Jordan McKee – 451 Research

Join Discover® Global Network and 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, for a deep dive into key findings from recent global surveys with fintech vendors and consumers. This webinar will discuss how fintechs fared during the pandemic, their business priorities, and the ways in which they are looking to partner with payments companies...

59 mins

Converting Payments into a Competitive Advantage

Peter Berg - Very Good Security, Jordan McKee – 451 Research

Progressive companies no longer view payments as a cost of doing business. Instead, they’re using payments strategically to achieve business priorities: driving growth, elevating the customer experience and decreasing costs…

46 mins

Why the Time to Leap to a Digital-First Strategy is Now

Steve Madden -Equinix, Zachary Smith – Equinix , Erik Pounds- NVIDIA, Zach Nimboorkar - Schneider Digital, Eric Hanselman – 451 Research

Cloud first is no longer enough to compete in a digital world, find out how leaders are achieving years of growth in just months with digital-first strategies. A digital-first strategy closes performance gaps, accelerates returns and expands opportunity in all directions. See how leaders across the globe are jumping in digital-first to gain business advantage…

45 mins

Why the Time to Leap to a Digital-First Strategy is Now

Steve Madden - Equinix, Zachary Smith – Equinix , Zach Nimboorkar - Schneider Digital, Eric Hanselman – 451 Research

Cloud first is no longer enough to compete in a digital world, find out how leaders are achieving years of growth in just months with digital-first strategies. A digital-first strategy closes performance gaps, accelerates returns and expands opportunity in all directions. See how leaders across the globe are jumping in digital-first to gain business advantage…

60 mins

Transform or Conform: How to Take Your Cloud MSP Business to the Next Level

Craig Nunes - Nebulon, Tobias Flitsch - Nebulon and Nicole Henderson - 451 Research

The reality of running a managed service provider (MSP) business today involves numerous challenges, from growing revenue and margins, minimizing customer churn and developing new, differentiated services that support hybrid cloud. There is growing pressure on MSPs to go to market faster with services that support customers’ business outcomes, which conventional tools and infrastructure weren’t necessarily designed to address...

60 mins

Consumer Trust and You: Preparing for the New Digital Age

Michael Lin – TrustArc and Paige Bartley – 451 Research

As third-party cookies have a fast-approaching reckoning of relevance, consumers have spoken - their trust (and wallets) will be driven by better privacy and security practices from YOU. In this “data is the new oil” economy, where does this shift in consumer behavior leave your business?...

61 mins

Top Trends Influencing Data-Driven Business Success in 2022

Dr. Tendü Yoğurtçu, PhD – Precisely and Paige Bartley – 451 Research

In the data-driven business world, times and perceptions have changed. Whereas initiatives such as data quality, data governance, data privacy, and cloud adoption used to be primarily driven by IT teams, organizations today are crafting data management strategies led by business requirements…

60 mins

Delivering desktops as a service: a roundtable discussion

Frank Merino - Forthright Technology Partners, Chris Shalda – Coretek, Trevor Mansell – XenTegra and John Abbott – 451 Research

Enabling a distributed work environment – which we describe as the technologies that come together to enable employees to securely access business applications and resources from any location, regardless of the network or device they choose to use – can involve complex technical, security and compliance requirements…

61 mins

How to accelerate data democratization with security and governance controls

Srini Vadlamani – Cyral and Paige Bartley – 451 Research

Every business is transforming to become more data-driven, yet a proliferation of both data volume and data consumers has pushed security issues to the forefront. Information security teams are spending more time and resources on data security than ever before as requirements such as data privacy loom large as challenges...

63 mins

Delivering desktops as a service: a roundtable discussion

Trevor Mansell – XenTegra, Chris Shalda – Coretek, Frank Merino - Forthright Technology Partners and John Abbott – 451 Research

Enabling a distributed work environment – which we describe as the technologies that come together to enable employees to securely access business applications and resources from any location, regardless of the network or device they choose to use – can involve complex technical, security and compliance requirements…

61 mins

Never trust, always validate - security readiness for 2022

Maor Franco – Pentera and Aaron Sherrill – 451 Research

Visibility should be the first part of every security practice, preparedness the obvious second. But the preparedness offered today has to do with checking compliance boxes. It just doesn’t cut it. We believe that preparedness is a journey…

60 mins

Building Sustainable Digital Solutions for Business

Jon Gravråk - Bulk Infrastructure AS, Max Schulze - Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, Ivo A. Ivanov - DE-CIX International/ DE-CIX Group AG and Dan Thompson – 451 Research

IT departments globally are feeling the pressure of top-down mandates to align with the goals of company ESG strategies. At the same time, IT departments are trying to solve other business challenges across the digital transformation spectrum...

52 mins

Not all Cloud Journeys are the Same: A Broader Set of Cloud Alternatives Enables Multiple Pathways

Jeffrey Gregor – OVH Cloud and Liam Eagle – 451 Research

Cloud adoption, migration, and modernization efforts are underway at a wide variety of companies. But these efforts can look very different, depending on the companies, people, skill sets, technologies and starting points involved. There are many paths to cloud, even within a single organization…


54 mins

Beyond the Buzz – Practical Approaches to Make Zero Trust Work for Your Organization

Vijay Pawar -Banyan Security and Garrett Bekker – 451 Research

Zero Trust (ZT) has generated a lot of ‘buzz’ in the past year or so, and with good reason. As more data, apps and workloads migrate to the cloud, the old ‘perimeter-based’ model of security no longer works. The arrival of COVID-19 forced the adoption of work-from-home (WFH) strategies that more often than not became a permanent part of the work experience. Initially, many firms called on their existing vendors and asked for more of what they already had – mainly VPNs...

63 mins

MDR’s Role in a Shifting Threat Landscape

Onkar Birk -Alert Logic, Katie McCullough – OneNeck and Aaron Sherrill – 451 Research

With more devices and lack of a hardened perimeter, the attack surface is rapidly growing, increasing the frequency of threats – all while cyber criminals continue to strengthen and modify their approaches, making organizations of every size a target. And while there are endless modern security tool options, lack of security staff often means a number of alerts go uninvestigated. In this candid discussion, three security experts will share with you the role of MDR in securing your environment...

60 mins

Application Modernization: The Next Phase of Cloud Transformation

Jesse Samm – 2nd Watch and Melanie Posey – 451 Research

In the early days of cloud computing, the cloud was mostly about infrastructure and migrating workloads to cost savings and IT flexibility and agility. While this dimension remains relevant, application modernization, enabled by cloud-native tools and DevOps approaches, is the engine that fuels broader business transformation and represents the next stage of cloud evolution Join 2nd Watch and 451 Research for insights on how IT leaders are formulating their application modernization strategies...

48 mins

Offloading Hybrid Cloud Management for Strategic Advantage

Brian Ott - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ron Irvine - Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Owen Rogers – 451 Research

Enterprises are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud environments – joining the public cloud advantages of scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure with private cloud's control and predictability. The keys are to establish clear business outcomes that can be enabled by hybrid IT, to take a holistic view of the existing estate, and to iterate as the transformation proceeds and technology choices improve…

60 mins

Ransomware 2021: Immutable Backup Should be your First and Last Line of Defense

Drew Schlussel- Wasabi Technologies, Jeff Reichard – Veeam and Henry Baltazar – 451 Research

The threat of ransomware is omnipresent, and the tactics deployed by cybercriminals are constantly evolving to wreak as much havoc as possible. In fact, ransomware attackers are now purposely targeting backups in an attempt to extort more money from organizations…

60 mins

No place like home: data residency strategy as a driver of business value

Peter Yared – InCountry and Paige Bartley – 451 Research

Data sovereignty or residency requirements are often thought of primarily in the context of regulatory compliance. Potential fines and legal risk of failing to implement data residency controls provide the “stick” of negative incentives, but where is the “carrot” of positive business outcomes?...

60 mins

Cloud Native Approaches – Expanding Beyond New Development to Include Mission-critical Applications

Ryan Niksch – AWS , Ed Keen – Red Hat and Jay Lyman – 451 Research

With benefits that include efficiency, security and developer speed and productivity, cloud-native constructs that leverage technology such as containers and Kubernetes have emerged as a critical part of developing and deploying applications in today’s market…

60 mins

Why the Data-Driven Experience Economy Requires a Shift to Real Time

Tony Ayaz - Scuba Analytics and Sheryl Kingstone – 451 Research

CX data-drivers who leverage real-time customer journey analytics can recognize patterns, comprehend ideas, plan, predict, solve problems, identify actions and make decisions on a grand scale with ease, resulting in an increase in equity and 25-point differential improvement in new metrics compared to CX data-drifters, according to 451 analysts. Yet, only 12% of the market actually makes nearly all CX decisions using data and in real time...

42 mins

Transforming Retail with IoT, Edge Compute and 5G

Nick Underwood – Dell Technologies, David Dobson – Intel Corporation and Richard Karpinski – 451 Research

E-commerce, smartphones and mobile apps have disrupted traditional retail – and heightened consumer expectations across the buying and ownership experience. Brick-and-mortar stores are closing or being re-imagined as entirely new entities. Brute-force mass marketing has given way to more personalized customer relationships with sky-high expectations around ease-of-use, quality of service and speed of interaction...

53 mins

Low Latency, High Security, Flexibility: How Financial Services Can Get More from Hybrid IT

Maile Kaiser - Coresite, Mike Katsiadas – IMC Trading and Dan Thompson – 451 Research

The financial sector faces unique IT requirements, especially in the areas of networking and security. A trading firm, for example, needs reliable, low-latency connectivity, demanding a level of performance far beyond what the average enterprise uses...

56 mins

A Pragmatic Path to Observability

Nick Heudecker – Cribl, Chris White – BlueVoyant and Liam Rogers – 451 Research

For decades, monitoring tools have been deployed to track performance of infrastructure, networks, and applications critical to business operations. As distributed application architectures become the norm, understanding “what's going on” across many interdependent systems is the means to gaining insight into the health of business operations...

60 mins

Supercharging Your Payments Strategy with Open Banking

Michael Bilotta- Worldline and Jordan McKee – 451 Research

Open Banking has the potential to radically change the financial services and payments landscape. By enabling access to the banking data of consumers, open banking will allow digital businesses to gain detailed insight into consumer financial behavior, which could be used to build customer loyalty and customer credit scoring, as well as provide more personalized payment options...

61 mins

The Cloud Threat Landscape: Best Practices, Trends, and How to Scale Securely in the Cloud

Dan MacKenzie – Palo Alto Networks, Matthew Chiodi – Palo Ato Networks and Fernando Montenegro – 451 Research

Organizations across the globe are taking advantage of cloud and cloud native architectures to improve business agility and achieve greater scale. This changes how security teams approach security, where they now need to collaborate more directly with DevOps and cloud infrastructure teams to integrate security across the application lifecycle, not only in production...

59 mins

Boosting DevOps Productivity with Zero Trust Access

Tarun Desikan - Banyan Security and Fernando Montenegro – 451 Research

The transformation accelerated by the pandemic has highlighted the critical role of technology supporting business initiatives. Two aspects of this transformation include the increased demands placed on teams to be more efficient regardless of location and, at the same time, increased complexity in supporting both on-premises and cloud-based environments. This has led software organizations to have unique needs when it comes to remote access...

47 mins

Evolving HR’s Approach to Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management in the Future of Work

Brian Carlisle-TCP Software and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

With remote work and flexible hours emerging as some of the most positive employee experience impacts of the COVID-19 era, it’s clear that progressive workforce management and time and attendance strategies must evolve. Today’s practices must ensure managers maintain visibility into workforce data and support more strategic scheduling practices. However, we must also take the employee experience into account by offering things like mobile-first design and insights into labor tracking for performance management...

48 mins

Ransomware and SaaS Raise the Bar for Disaster Recovery Requirements

Justin Spitz -Backupify, Tom Keough - Backupify, Amanda Oles - Backupify and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

Disaster recovery and data protection continue to be key requirements and the changes taking place from an infrastructure transformation and threats perspective will force organizations to reevaluate their strategies for ensuring resiliency...

60 mins

Prioritizing Experience to Accelerate Opportunities in the Customer Journey

Sonny Dasgupta - Conversica and Sheryl Kingstone – 451 Research

80% of B2B customers will stop doing business with a vendor due to poor customer experience. It’s up to revenue teams to deliver exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey. From Marketing and Sales to Customer Success, revenue teams must differentiate their offerings from competitors’ by personalizing experiences to attract leads, convert prospects, and retain/grow customers...

61 mins

Unlocking the Secrets to IoT Enablement

Tracey Brewster – Kore, Geoff Weathersby - Protiviti Inc and Richard Karpinski - 451 Research

Deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of connected IoT devices across an enterprise and around the world can be quite a daunting task. In fact, more than 60% stall at the proof-of-concept stage, never making it to market. Join Richard Kapinski from 451 Research, Tracey Brewster from KORE, and Geoff Weathersby from Protiviti Inc. to unlock the secrets to successfully deploying, managing, and scaling your IoT initiatives...

53 mins

How to Make Real-time Customer Experiences That Matter to the Modern Media & Communications Organization

Kevin Cobourn – Adobe and Sheryl Kingstone – 451 Research

Media & Communications organizations continue to push towards offering more real-time experiences, but presently only 12% of the market is truly there. The most meaningful, and ultimately profitable, CXs will be informed by data-driven context clues, which will only increase in number as the amount of available data – especially unstructured data – proliferates...

54 mins

Re-imagine Cloud the Smart Way

Kalyan Kumar B. – HLC Technologies, David Turrettini – AWS and William Fellows – 451 Research

Tomorrow’s digital enterprises need to make intelligent choices that extract the true value out of their investments. Today enterprises need a Cloud strategy to maximize business value in alignment with enterprise needs and organizational goals. Leveraging a strong digital foundation, HCL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working towards creating an adaptive portfolio of innovative cloud services and driven by intelligent automation to address enterprises specific business objectives...

60 mins

Transforming Healthcare: Connecting Patients, Systems and Data with Hybrid IT

Maile Kaiser - Coresite, Mark Hernandez - City of Hope National Medical Center, and Dan Thompson - 451 Research

Over the last 18 months, businesses of all shapes and sizes – across all verticals including healthcare and financial services to media and entertainment – have faced new and unexpected challenges. As a result, IT teams have been called to do some heavy lifting to meet the swift, ever-changing needs. While many organizations implemented remote work solutions and made broad improvements to inter-employee communication platforms, the healthcare industry was presented with additional, unique challenges ...

61 mins

Why Your Modern Applications Won't Survive Without a New Database Foundation

Jeff Morris - Couchbase and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

IT in the 2020s will be defined by application modernization as organizations move away from rigid, slow-moving systems built on relational databases. Instead, they’re accelerating their transition to data management platforms that fuse the familiarity of relational with the flexibility, geo-mobility, and scale of cloud-native NoSQL databases...

54 mins

Modern Data Protection Requirements: Consolidation, Simplification and Trust

Melissa Palmer - Veeam, Ilya Krutov - Lenovo, John Nicholson - VMware and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

Data protection continues to be a considerable challenge, compounded by ever-increasing data growth rates and steady-state budgets. New infrastructure platforms such as hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and software-defined storage provide an opportunity for reducing infrastructure costs by consolidating resources and reducing infrastructure management burdens...

40 mins

Uniting DevOps and IT Ops with Observability

Matt Watson - Netreo and Liam Rogers - 451 Research

IT operations have grown in complexity fueled in part by increasing adoption of cloud and cloud native technologies leading to more demands being placed on DevOps and Developer teams. Hear from 451 Research and Netreo regarding market trends and how observability and monitoring together can help teams tame complexity and release better applications.

61 mins

Expanding Opportunities at the Edge With Private Cloud

Randy Tucker - Lumen, Steven Nolen - Lumen, Scott Brindamour - Lumen, and Richard Karpinski - 451 Research

The 'edge' has emerged as an essential execution venue for digital workloads across a variety of industries -- driven by real-world needs including support for low-latency use cases, enhanced application performance and security/data sovereignty requirements. But not every edge is the same. In this Webinar, 451 Research Senior Analyst Rich Karpinski and representatives from Lumen will explore the power of a ‘edge private cloud’ -- combining the nearby compute and on-net access of an edge environment with the operational control...

61 mins

Understanding the Need for Cloud Analytics Governance

David Corrigan - Informatica and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

As companies emerge from the pandemic, they are accelerating digital transformation and modernizing their cloud analytics strategy to enable data-driven decision-making for key business initiatives. There’s unrelenting business pressure to self-serve data for analytics and AI across a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. But this has to be balanced with the need for trust and consistency in the data and AI models while managing privacy and regulatory compliance risks...

61 mins

Expert Managed Services Enable a Unified Multi-cloud Security Posture to Protect Mission-critical Workloads

Nicholas Kathmann - Virtustream and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

Enterprises and healthcare organizations are moving beyond the simplistic strategy of using a single cloud provider and only leveraging the cloud for non-critical workloads. Multi-cloud has become the primary strategic approach for many organizations. They seek to combine cloud platforms to accelerate digital transformation and gain greater resiliency, especially as they move their mission-critical applications such as SAP and Epic EHR systems to the cloud...

60 mins

Managed Cloud Services in the Time of Digital Disruption

Melanie Posey - 451 Research and Nicole Henderson - 451 Research

Digital transformation is a non-negotiable business imperative, the public cloud has embedded itself in the mainstream of enterprise IT. Early adopters of public cloud had to (and in some cases even wanted to) build everything from the ground up. Today, however, organizations look to do things differently – they want an accelerated on-ramp to the benefits that public cloud offers, including IT optimization and flexibility, as well as faster time-to-market for new applications...

55 mins

Protect ALL of your applications: A low-code approach

Mike Woodard - Digital.ai and Daniel Kennedy - 451 Research

Of the 4+ million apps in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, the majority are not sufficiently protected to stop even the most basic reverse engineering attack. At the same time, attackers are relentless and are constantly evolving their attack methods. Early warning of an attack offers the ability to shut down attacker access and adopt targeted code protections to address previously unknown attack vectors. Information security expertise is in short supply, and application security expertise in even shorter supply...

45 mins

What role does passwordless MFA, device trust, and managing developer keys play in Zero Trust?

Jason Casey - Beyond Identity, Mario Duarte - Snowflake and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

Security professionals all agree that device trust is fundamental in today’s cloud-native world, where team members contribute from any location, and from various devices. But how do you know a user's endpoint is configured or secure enough to protect the data? What is the most effective way to ensure that only trusted, company-managed devices gain access to critical SaaS applications? How is device trust related to Zero Trust?...

62 mins

The role of Hybrid and MultiCloud in Delivering Data-driven Transformation

Deepak Chauhan - HCL Technologies, Ted Schönbeck - Google Cloud, Siva G Subramanian - HCL Google Ecosystem Business Unit, and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

Data and analytics play a central role in delivering business transformation, and the importance of data has never been better recognized than now. Increased agility is one of the primary drivers of investment in data and analytics initiatives and is enabled not just through data processing products and services but also the evolution of architectural strategies to best take advantage of the benefits of hybrid IT and multi-cloud...

61 mins

Coming Soon? 5G enabled Enterprise Digital Transformation

Malay Joshi - Wipro and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

The 5G era of mobile communications has arrived in many parts of the world but initial rollouts have focused on enhanced mobile broadband services for consumers. While faster download speeds are important, 5G networks will soon be able to support more advanced capabilities like high-availability, ultra-low latency, and massive machine-type connectivity services. These features were designed with enterprise use cases in mind and create disruptive potential in vertical markets like manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, energy and utilities, and transportation...

62 mins

Using Cloud Native software to solve for hybrid and multi cloud orchestration – A Practical Perspective

Jonathan Hunt - HCL Technologies, Thomas De Vos - HCL Technologies, Ed Adkins - Google Cloud and Owen Rogers - 451 Research

Hybrid and multicloud approach can deliver serious value in terms of resiliency, flexibility and cost savings. But managing applications across different clouds is easier said than done. Organizations often cite challenges with siloed tools, inconsistent management, and visibility gaps...

53 mins

Uncovering the Cost Savings of Edge Computing

Austin Spires - Fastly and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

Often cited as a low-latency play, edge computing provides opportunity for cost savings as well. This stems from the idea of running workloads outside the centralized cloud, in locations closer to users. Applied properly, edge computing can rein in costs related to egress fees and network transit. Further, the traditional edge use case of reducing load on an origin server can extend to reduce the costs of infrastructure and security on the origin side. In this webinar, we will look at the edge through a different lens, one of costs, and uncover some of the subtle benefits being realized today...

56 mins

3 Benefits a Universal Query Engine Delivers to Your Enterprise for Better Business Outcomes

Joshua Kim - IBM and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

For many enterprises, digital transformation and the adoption of artificial intelligence has led to an explosion in data volumes, an increase in data types, and a sprawl of data across multiple data stores, multiple clouds, and in some cases, multiple vendors. And for enterprises to derive meaningful value from their data they need simple and quick access. In light of the proliferation of multi-dimensional data across many data repositories, accessing the data has relied on expensive and time-consuming physical data movement and ETL processes....

61 mins

Privacy Paradox, or Promise? Alignment of Business Privacy Objectives With Proactive Data Use

Roger Hecker - Privitar and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

Today’s expanding model of self-service demands that more workers must access data, under the right conditions, at the right time. Expanding regulations, furthermore, bear down with granular restrictions. Traditionally, requirements for data privacy and data security were viewed as barriers for agile use of data, but is this perception perhaps outdated? Modern business objectives demand a data ecosystem with guard rails, rather than speed bumps...

59 mins

Cloud Native Approaches – Expanding Beyond New Development to Include Mission-Critical Applications

Ryan Niksch - AWS, Ed Keen - Red Hat and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

With benefits that include efficiency, security and developer speed and productivity, cloud-native constructs that leverage technology such as containers and Kubernetes have emerged as a critical part of developing and deploying applications in today’s market. Enterprise organizations are now moving well beyond new and stateless software development as they apply cloud-native approaches to mission-critical applications...

61 mins

Five Best Practices to Future-Proof the Customer Experience

Mark Hammer - Bloomfire and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

Customer behaviors and expectations are rapidly evolving, and many brands are struggling to keep up with delivering the optimal customer experience. Leading businesses, however, are meeting customers where they are and planning ahead to become more resilient CX organizations. A newly published 451 Research study commissioned by Bloomfire surveyed CX leaders at Enterprise companies to understand their current priorities, internal and external business challenges, and what the most advanced CX organizations are doing to set themselves apart.

63 mins

Solving Silos: Becoming a More Data-driven Organization

Mike Makely - MarkLogic, Joe Stein - WoodmenLife, Jason Graham - WoodmenLife, and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

Everyone seems to be talking about what it means - and what it takes - to become more data-centric. Join 451 Research and MarkLogic for this timely webinar where you will learn: data management trends and priorities of top organizations, tips for getting new value from your data - including from legacy systems like mainframes and how a 100+ year old company is successfully driving its digital transformation.

64 mins

Shut Down Organizational Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities with Integrated End-to-End Data Discovery and Protection

Arif Khan - PKWARE and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

Data resides and is shared around the globe in a multitude of environments, from on-premises to the cloud. Every electronic device—at home, at work, on the go—is constantly transmitting information, but protecting that information is difficult if organizations do not have a mechanism to locate and protect it inside and outside of their network. How can businesses managing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data-producing environments accurately discover where they are most vulnerable without implementing multiple, disparate solutions? Comprehensive security, data detection, governance, and privacy oversight are crucial in order to survive the ever-increasing volumes and variety of data involved in simply doing business. Learn how integrated data discovery and security across all major platforms and end points can protect businesses and the individuals they do business with.

55 mins

Going Beyond Cloud: Building Serverless, Stateful and Globally Distributed Apps at The Edge

Chetan Venkatesh - Macrometa, Kirk Schwenkler - Cloudflare, Greg McKeon - Cloudflare, and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

As enterprises reach for new ways to innovate with data driven insights to serve their customers with powerful new real time digital experiences, the centralized cloud model has been surpassed. The world needs a new architecture - a globally distributed serverless architecture...

38 mins

Achieving the Promise of Storage as a Service Without the Pitfalls

Colin Gallagher - Hitachi Vantara and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

The benefits of Storage as a Service are many and include improved flexibility and availability associated with lower costs and risks. Find out how to make this journey and reap the benefits without hitting the very real potential pitfalls around Storage as a Service. Learn what’s driving Storage as a Service adoption, and the snares to avoid from Henry Baltazar, Research Director, Storage and the 451 Research. Hear from Colin Gallagher, VP of Product Marketing, on how Hitachi Vantara enables the successful Storage as a Service journey...

52 mins

Delivering Harmonised B2B Omnichannel Buying Experience

Richard Blatcher - PROS, Randy Carey - Manitou, and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

For B2B organizations to be successful in an omnichannel world they need to make sure the right information and the right experiences are provided to all customers, no matter how they choose to engage. Providing personalized product and pricing offers consistently, across all sales channels, so buyers are empowered to make purchases in their preferred channel, is easier said than done. Often, you might find yourself trying to keep up with the savvy buyers of today and you are not alone...

45 mins

Application Modernization and the Age of Insight

Ron Kafka - Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Matt Aslett - 451 Research

In order to be successful in the age of insight, enterprises need to ensure that they are not only investing in data, AI, and analytics products and skills, but also underlying infrastructure that can support the agility required for real-time decision making, as well as the flexibility to adapt to changing data sources and business requirements. This is having an impact on enterprises analytics and data science pipelines, which are increasingly being deployed on containerized cloud-native infrastructure...

64 mins

Enabling Cloud Adoption and Successful Governance with Complex Application Visibility

Keith Neilson - CloudSphere and William Fellows - 451 Research

- Fast discovery accelerates cloud migration timeframe - Effective application and dependency mapping enables de-risks migrations and drives proper cloud governance - Deeper understanding of applications brings better transformation outcomes - Optimize day-2 in the cloud for both cost and policy based governance

59 mins

ZTNA for the Post-Pandemic Hybrid Workforce

Jason Garbis - Appgate and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

Zero Trust Network Access adoption spiked in 2020 as organizations scrambled to solve an unprecedented remote access challenge. Now, looking ahead, enterprises are faced with the conundrum of staying fully remote, returning full-time to the workplace, or more likely landing somewhere in between. But not all ZTNA solutions are created equal, and many are ill-suited to address a range of use cases or environments. Learn how a fully-adaptive ZTNA solution can allow your network access strategy to adapt with the times and secure your modern workforce for both today and tomorrow...

61 mins

Seizing the Momentum: How Process Manufacturing Can Digitize in the Post- Pandemic Era

Andreas Eschbach - Eschbach and Ian Hughes - 451 Research

2020 forced momentous change upon the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Production and supply chains were overwhelmed. The workforce (aka "essential workers") struggled to meet production goals while adhering to the new COVID safety regimens and guidelines. Established processes were upended to ensure supply of the vital medicines and compounds needed to support everyday life...

49 mins

Enforcing Cyber Hygiene Across Applications, Endpoints and Clouds

Yaniv Bar-Dayan - Vulcan Cyber, Conor Sherman - ezCater, Khanh Tran - CrowdStrike and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

Enterprise IT security teams are trying to enforce cyber security across applications, IT endpoints and cloud environments. Complexity is brought on by digital scale and diversity and is increasing exponentially. Add another operating system, cloud or code base to the mix and security becomes even more difficult to enforce. Today complexity is the rule, not the exception...

53 mins

Formulating Cloud Strategy in the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era

Dan Juengst - Red Hat and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

It used to be that IT planners spent little time considering where their workloads will run. The choices were straightforward – on-premises data centers, co-location facilities or with managed services providers. Today, nearly all enterprises also manage hybrid multi-clouds – a combination of Software-, Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS) execution venues. Each have unique operational, performance and economic characteristics that need to be considered when deploying workloads...

55 mins

Risk vs Revenue: Why is Customer-centric Fraud Management Essential for Growth?

Kris Zanuldin - Forter and Jordan McKee - 451 Research

As businesses experience more of their sales volume shifting to e-commerce, fraud risk has also substantially grown. 451 Research learned that nearly 3 in 5 merchants reported a year-over-year increase in volume of fraudulent online transactions, with a quarter noting that the increase has been significant. But in the vital effort to protect revenue and reduce fraud, good customers often end up receiving a poor experience. False positive transaction declines, undue friction, and restrictive returns policies are just a few examples of the unfortunate side-effects of many merchants’ fraud prevention strategies...

57 mins

How the Future of Work is Reshaping Employee Engagement and Productivity

Mike Marks - Aternity and Conner Forrest - 451 Research

The state of employee productivity is in disrepair, with a little more than half of employees reporting that they are routinely very productive. The challenge is exacerbated by mass-scale shifts to remote work and the upending of employee work routines that ensued. Despite this, there are strategic technological investments your company can make to mitigate these problems. Join 451 Research Senior Research Analyst, Conner Forrest as he details the value of new productivity tooling and analytics in supporting employee productivity, deepening employee engagement and improving employee retention.

62 mins

Adopting a Cloud First Strategy for Modernizing Security Operations

Girish Bhat - Sumo Logic and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

In this session, Scott Crawford, Research Director with 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, will highlight research on how enterprises are responding to these forces and opportunities, while Girish Bhat, VP with Sumo Logic will offer insights for security practitioners on how a ‘cloud first’ approach supports digital transformation, IT rebuild projects and application modernization.

58 mins

Disaster Prevention in The Age of Multi-Cloud

Leon Kuperman - CAST AI, Fausto Lendeborg - Secberus and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

Resilient infrastructures don’t emerge from best-case scenarios. Engineers know that every dependency entails vulnerability and requires a robust disaster (outage) prevention strategy. However, most organizations don't have any disaster recovery strategy for their most critical single point of failure – cloud service provider...

59 mins

The Cloud-Native Edge: New Challenges, New Opportunity

Ariff Sidi - Verizon Media Platform and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

Edge computing brings the cloud's elasticity closer to end users, for benefits that can include lower latency and lower bandwidth costs. But with the edge come new choices and challenges. Multiple 'species' of edge provide different benefits to different workloads. And some enterprises might be daunted by the skill set required for managing cloud-native technology. In this webinar, we will explore how managed services and a platform approach can help address an enterprise's edge ambitions.

61 mins

Leveraging Hybrid/Multicloud for Strategic Advantage in the Digital Era

Kalyan Kumar B. - HCL Technologies, Stefanie Chiras - Red Hat and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

Enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation efforts to keep pace with changing customer expectations. In the digital era, the ability to drive innovation, business value and competitive differentiation is highly IT-dependent and increasingly data-centric, incorporating technologies such as AI/ML, advanced analytics, IoT, and edge computing...

46 mins

Intelligent Automation for Data-intensive Processes

Kristian Kalsing - Winshuttle and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

Most business process automation platforms are equipped to integrate distributed data sources and automate processes among them. But many enterprise systems of execution are transactional. They exchange and process mission-critical master data from systems tied to financials, sales, order management, fulfillment, and supply chain operations, among others. All too often the data can be incomplete, inaccurate or incompatible...

60 mins

Privacy-Grade: Three Quality Standards for Sure-Fire Data Protection

Jason Hodgert - Spirion and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

Amid an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, much ado is made over privacy theory and frameworks. But what are organizations today actually doing to meet data privacy and data protection requirements? Responsibility for data privacy practices are frequently spread across roles and departments, underscoring the need for methodology that spans business functions. The concept of “Privacy-Grade” embraces this reality, proposing a combination of technologies and techniques that ensure sensitive data protections are persistently enforced throughout an enterprise...

55 mins

Digital Transformation or Digital Exasperation? The Four Barriers to Data Access Nirvana (and What It All Means for Data Security)

Karthik Krishnan - Concentric AI and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

Getting the right balance between data access and data security is crucial, and new machine learning technologies can help. Join Paige and Karthik as they review the data and offer solutions to break down these barriers - without sacrificing security.

60 mins

Experience From the Field: Getting Cloud Native Security Right

Rani Osnat - Aqua Security, Shlomo Bielak - Benchmark Corp, Dwayne Holmes - PNC, Adil Touati - Desjardins and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

Join us for a virtual roundtable discussion with a panel of leaders in achieving enterprise-scale cloud native security and DevSecOps strategies. We will discuss lessons learned, dos and don’ts, and best practices from real world implementations.

59 mins

Making It A Priority – Why Device Vendors and Asset Owners are Focusing on Product Security

Netanel Davidi - Vdoo and Johan Vermij - 451 Research

With the surge in product and device connectivity and the overwhelming risk of inherited supply chain exposures, there are more opportunities than ever for malicious actors to exploit the devices’ software security vulnerabilities. Many device manufacturers and asset owners are still sometimes building and deploying devices with traditional technologies that were not designed with cybersecurity in mind...

60 mins

How to Take the First Steps Towards Data Mesh

Alberto Firpo - Agile Lab, Paolo Platter - Agile Lab, Henrik Göthberg - Scania, and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

Data Mesh is a relatively new concept that became one of the fastest growing trends during 2020. Data Mesh extends the paradigm shift that was introduced by the microservices architectures and applies it to data architectures, enabling agile and scalable analytics and machine learning or artificial intelligence. Data Mesh provides an alternative to the “centralized” organizational and architectural pattern of the data lake with a distributed and decentralized architecture designed to help enterprises...

58 mins

Next-Gen IT Asset Management for Hybrid IT

Jesse Stockall - Snow Software and William Fellows - 451 Research

We live in a hybrid world and there’s no disputing that hybrid cloud is now the preferred infrastructure mix for many global businesses. Although hybrid cloud is poised to provide organizations with the flexibility and agility needed to navigate the ever-changing economic climate, it also comes with additional visibility and management challenges for today’s IT teams to address...

61 mins

Don't Forget Your Data: Why WAN Data Transfer is Critical to IT Planning

Seth Noble - Data Expedition, Deepak Khosla - X-ISS, Andy Hurt - Cobalt Iron, and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

From cloud adoption to pandemic adaptation, nearly every IT project now involves moving data across wide area networks. The places where data is generated, used, and stored are farther apart than ever. Yet many data migration and workflow plans don't look past infrastructure, the raw data links, when setting expectations. Industry experts will discuss the deeper issues, the dangers of ignoring them, and tools to ensure migrations stay on schedule and workflows work.

60 mins

Evolution and Transformation in the Managed Infrastructure and Alternative Cloud Market

Charles Lalieu - Virtuozzo, Anna Severinko - Virtuozzo, and Liam Eagle - 451 Research

Service providers recognize they must transform in order to compete. The dominance of a handful of hyperscale public cloud vendors has created new expectations for how hosted infrastructure is delivered, even as the advancing complexity of those platforms puts them outside the skill sets of a significant portion of the SMB market. The result is both the need for managed hosts and other infrastructure providers to develop more modern cloud services, and an opportunity for those providers to deliver an alternative cloud platform...

45 mins

Identity and Access Management Predictions 2021

Brandon Simons - OneLogin, Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many IT and Security professionals deploy and manage security teams, policies and technology. In this webinar, Brandon Simons, Director of Product Management at OneLogin, and Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research, Garrett Bekker, will review the key lessons of 2020 and look ahead to what 2021 has in store for Identity and Access Management.

56 mins

The Smart Future of Industrial IoT

Danny Bedgood - Aerospike, Christian Renaud - 451 Research

IoT sensors and monitoring devices on industrial equipment are ushering in a new era for smart manufacturing, oil and gas, and transportation and logistics. Yet IoT devices are only as good as their resultant data that can be leveraged to mitigate equipment malfunctions, predict and assess material arrivals, and optimize manufacturing and processing flows.

75 mins

Why the World Still Needs Private Clouds: The Why and How of Going Cloud-Native with Kubernetes and OpenStack On-Premises

Mayank Kapoor - Reliance Jio, John Allwright - Mirantis and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

The IT market is all moving to the public cloud. Or so you’d think, based on the volume of marketing and conference talks about the subject. Yet many companies are realizing that for various reasons including security/compliance, location control, and cost at scale, deploying workloads on-premises, often in a “private cloud” is their preferred option.

60 mins

Getting a Grip on Privileged Access in Public Cloud Infrastructure

Arick Goomanovsky - Ermetic and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

The recent SolarWinds breach laid bare the seriousness of the risk of privileged access in cloud infrastructure environments. Privileged access is a must - both for human administrators and for third-party security and management software like SolarWinds. Yet managing privileges and entitlements in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud is exceedingly complex, spanning not just human users but also thousands of machine identities, roles and configurations. Studies have shown that improper management of identities, access and privileges are a leading cause of cloud security failures.

45 mins

Avoid the Top Three Mistakes with Your Hybrid-Cloud Data Strategy

Neil McGovern - SAP and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

Learn about the top three most common mistakes of hybrid-cloud data strategies and how to overcome them. Discover why taking a strategic and considered approach to data workload deployment locations and managing data across hybrid IT and multi-cloud architecture will increasingly be seen as essential to delivering success from data and analytics projects – enabling self-service access to data and increased decision-making agility.

57 mins

Digital Disruption or Transformation? Harness your Data and Deliver Business Value

Colin Fernandes - Sumo Logic, Bruno Kurtic - Sumo Logic and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

Nearly every industry is going through digital transformation and disruption. As enterprises rethink their digital business models, they will become software companies building digital services that serve as their primary customer interface. Data driven businesses must be built to excel in the Intelligence Economy. The landscape for IT tooling is also transforming: from best-of-breed to consolidation across operational and security intelligence.

58 mins

The Cloud Curveball: The Reality of Cloud Costs and How to Get Them Under Control

Peter Berry - Navisite and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

For many organizations, adopting the cloud is the first step of their IT transformation journey and is vital to thriving in the new digital world. With a mantra of “cloud-first,” organizations envision instantly gaining all the benefits the cloud promises – especially lowering costs. However, many find it can be challenging to manage their spend and fully realize the value and lower TCO the cloud can deliver. While the cloud can drastically change the economic model of IT, the road to achieving these benefits is by no means automatic.

57 mins

A Data-Driven Approach to Intelligent Resource Optimization

Phil Simpson - Red Hat and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

All businesses are resource-constrained in some way. Nevertheless, to succeed in today’s digital business arena, organizations must make intelligent decisions that maximize the return on finite resources such as vehicle fleets, mobile field workforces and production facilities. Decision optimization is becoming a new competitive differentiator, and industry leaders are pursuing artificial intelligence and machine learning to make data-driven decisions that create a competitive edge.

60 mins

5 Things Your SaaS Backup Must Do

Chris Shakarian - Grax and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

Most enterprises rely on SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, to run critical aspects of their business. But 451 Research says nearly 1 in 3 businesses don’t actually backup their SaaS application data. And 52.8% rely solely on the same SaaS application vendor to provide backup and recovery services — which means they don’t actually own their data. As we all know, inadequate protection and accessibility can result in significant financial and productivity losses. Just as important, it can also stifle business insights, hurt compliance efforts, and derail growth. In fact, 451 Research reported that 92% of organizations have experienced negative impacts due to bad backup (corruption).

61 mins

How CFOs can Change the Game with Cross-Company Planning

Wayne Slater - Prophix and Conner Forrest - 451 Research

Modern business success depends on agile, cross-functional planning that addresses changes in strategic initiatives, promotes organizational alignment and removes roadblocks to execute plans. In this webinar, you’ll better understand how your business can address core challenges in strategic planning and create harmony between strategy and execution in order to deepen collaboration and set yourself up for future scenarios.

58 mins

Hybrid Edge: Data at The Right Time, at The Right Place

Tim Parker - Flexential and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

Customers are searching for outcomes, not products, so the integration of solutions to achieve the desired goal wins. When it comes to hosting the enterprise edge, a multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC), rather than a hyperscale setting, can be a fast and less complex option because connectivity to necessary partners is already in place. Networking with service providers, content delivery networks, and other retail tenants can be established quickly through software-programmable interconnection.

65 mins

Cloud Native -- Driving Digital Transformation Across All Applications, Including Mission Critical

Sharath Haikadi - Accenture, Ryan Niksch - AWS, Chuck Svoboda - Red Hat and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

Cloud-native technology and methodology such as containers and Kubernetes can be enablers of digital transformation as organization seek to move faster, manage larger IT environments – including hybrid infrastructures—with smaller teams and ensure their readiness for change and disruption in the market. While cloud native got its start with mostly stateless, web applications, today’s enterprise organizations are increasingly leveraging containers and ...

58 mins

The Future of Data Management and The Changing Environment

Tim Waddell - Adobe and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

As market forces bring change to our digital landscape, businesses need to adapt to a new reality regarding data governance, identity resolution, and how to engage prospects and pseudonymous visitors with meaningful content. To that end, there are many different paths emerging to leverage durable identifiers with external systems to achieve scale. In this webinar, see how Adobe and 451 Research are thinking about the future of technology and data to address the new marketing environment and begin preparing your business for the future of data management.

51 mins

Driving Business Value and Extending Observability Across the Development Lifecycle

Andre Boutet - OneSpan, Jonah Kowall - Logz.io and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

The webinar will explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in deploying observability and monitoring solutions to optimize the performance of cloud native architecture and applications. Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst 451 Research, will moderate a discussion with Jonah Kowall, CTO of Logz.io and Andre Boutet, Sr. Director of Cloud Operations at OneSpan, that will highlight: The evolution of observability and the benefits of an open source-based approach ...

54 mins

Is “Free” Affordable When it Comes to Cloud Data Security? The Native vs Third-Party Security Tool Debate

Il-Sung Lee - Google, Sol Cates - Thales and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

The question of whether cloud security is better obtained via native tools from cloud providers or from neutral third-party vendors – or both - continues to be a source of debate. This panel discussion will consider the compliance, security and operational tradeoffs related to migrating workloads to public clouds, utilizing hybrid environments and managing multicloud deployments. Join your peers in discussing their considerations and criteria for architecting a cloud data ...

51 mins

Building Connections to Future Needs: Post-VPN Thinking for a Post-pandemic World

Joel Windels - NetMotion and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the IT landscape in the recent past and many are starting to look ahead and consider how they can improve core capabilities in light of their experiences. Remote access is probably one of the most significantly impacted technologies in enterprise portfolios and there are important steps that organizations can take today that will improve their flexibility and velocity for the future. While ideas like zero trust can seem daunting, the basic principals can be put to work with a minimum of disruption, if planned well and implemented with capable tools. It’s possible to go well beyond the limitations of traditional ...

60 mins

Enabling a Distributed Workforce with Secure Encrypted Communications

Anurag Lal - NetSfere and Raúl Castañón-Martínez - 451 Research

The COVID-19 outbreak and the need to address rapidly evolving market requirements are creating a sense of urgency for organizations to enable agile team collaboration. This is particularly relevant where the ‘rubber meets the road’ i.e. frontline workers and mobile and remote employees. However, the market for communications and collaboration has grown increasingly fragmented and IT and LOB decision-makers are faced with a myriad of options with overlapping capabilities and unrestrained use of consumer-grade communication tools.

75 mins

More Than Blue-sky Thinking: Innovation Needs to Integrate Within Day-to-Day Productivity

Arthur Liberian - Planbox and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

Is innovation part of your company's culture, or is innovation a separate entity? Difficult to manage, execute, and succeed, innovation programs tend to lack support. The challenge is two-fold: conceptually, innovation is often regarded as a separate activity from day-to-day work rather than being a natural part of daily tasks. As a result, we identify a gap between initial business goals and specific innovation outcomes.

56 mins

Simplify Secure Access in 2021

Leo Taddeo - Cyxtera, Jason Garbis - Appgate and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

Network security seems to get harder every year. Throw in an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 pandemic and all rules go out the window. A short time ago, no one could have imagined the need to ration VPN bandwidth to support a fully-remote workforce. We’ve learned in 2020 that the current state of secure network access isn’t sustainable. As we head into 2021, organizations are awakening to the reality that they can’t go trying to force square pegs into round holes. If secure access technology is too complex, it doesn’t get configured properly. If it’s too hard to implement, it goes unused. If it’s not fit for purpose, the attack surface remains exposed or even widens. During this discussion, ...

46 mins

Taming the Hyper-Growth of Observability Data

Clint Sharp - Cribl and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

Join 451 Research and Cribl as we take a look at trends in data growth with respect to Observability and Security efforts. Data is growing at a rapid pace - both new sources of data and more data from existing sources contribute to this. More data offers the opportunity to get a more comprehensive picture of the health of both IT operations and security initiatives. At the same time, more data also brings along increased complexity and costs.

60 mins

Integration Strategy for Digital Businesses and Hybrid IT

Akshay Deshpande - Quinnox and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

Digital transformation is re-inventing customer experiences, improving business efficiencies, and changing the IT landscape. The need for competitive advantage is driving enterprises to modernize their IT architecture using a broad range of distributed cloud services and cloud-native technologies. External factors and challenges now burden organizations with disaggregated IT infrastructure composed of redundant data centers, multi-clouds, managed services, edge computing, devices, and things. To cope, business and IT leaders ...

55 mins

Divided We Fail: How Security Teams Can Better Engage with DevOps

Kelly Shortridge - Capsule8 and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

Given the broad implications of security failures to an organization – including increasing regulatory demands and potential for downtime and downstream business losses – it comes as no surprise that securing production environments is a huge priority for today’s CISOs and security teams. But DevOps is not down with downtime and the architecture of security tools often means they can impact uptime in production systems. Issues such as performance degradation or production crashes are not a risk they are willing to take by adding security ...

53 mins

Observability: The Time is Now

Joris De Winne - StackState, Stephen Baker - StackState and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

A shift is underway in monitoring, driven largely by the adoption of new cloud-native technologies and the resulting demands created by these complex, dynamic environments. Organizations operating in this environment are drowning in data and struggling to extract intelligence from that data. They require a new approach to monitoring.

58 mins

A Day in the Life of a Cyber Threat Analyst: Underutilized, Under-resourced, and Overworked

Hugh Clapp - Analyst1 and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

Cyber threat analysts defend the nation’s most sensitive and complex networks. The volume of intelligence to review is immense, and often times analysts don’t have the resources to make this intelligence actionable. In order to accomplish the job in which they were originally hired, they need to first start their day with a number of manual processes. This is tedious and time consuming and doesn’t get to the crux of the issue: detecting malicious activity in their network and determining the exposure of critical assets to that threat activity. Rules ...

63 mins

Ensuring Security Value through Outcome-based MDR

Jonathan LaCour - Mission, Jack Danahy - Alert Logic and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

Managed detection and response (MDR) solutions identify active threats across an organization and then respond to eliminate, investigate, or contain them. MDR has increased in visibility and importance as organizations realize that no level of investment will provide 100% protection against threats and as the scale and complexity of the security challenge becomes intractable for individual organizations, regardless of size.

64 mins

Solving Data Storage Pain Points

Paul Hyde - Softcat, Steve Costigan - Zadara and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

Join Softcat, 451 Research & Zadara for a Live Discussion of top Data Storage Challenges and how to solve them. Data growth is among the top pain points for organizations when it comes to data storage. This is no surprise! In an ever, and unprecedented, changing landscape data storage challenges persist, whilst new challenges evolve. Successfully navigating a digital transformation journey; adapting to a huge shift towards remote working; ever tighter compliance and regulatory governance; these catalysts all require organizations to look again at how they manage and protect their data.

64 mins

De-risking Digital Transformation: Helping Enterprises Use Cloud Options to Increase IT Agility While Reducing Risk

Maeve Culloty - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ireland, Séamus Dunne - Interxion, Liam Eagle - 451 Research and Kelly Morgan - 451 Research

More than ever before, enterprises need IT that is agile and adaptable, able to respond when crises such as COVID-19 hit. Enterprises need to deliver their own IT as-a-service. In this roundtable, we’ll discuss trends in digital transformation and how options for using cloud, hybrid cloud and colocation can help enterprise ...

55 mins

Moving Faster, Together: Removing Inefficiencies by Securing Modern Architectures

Iain Chidgey - Sumo Logic, Colin Fernandes - Sumo Logic and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

Digital businesses rely on modern application architectures, multi-cloud adoption, continuous security, collaboration and data driven intelligence - arguably the top five pillars of an organization's digital infrastructure. The ability to observe and secure performance and compliance across the software delivery lifecycle at scale becomes an enormous undertaking. Why? Growing complexity, siloed teams, a mix of old/new technologies and processes, lack of skill across the ...

49 mins

It’s Official: IT Ops From Home Isn’t a Temporary Condition

Anirban Chatterjee - BigPanda and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

IT ops pros, like most everyone else, quickly adapted to working from home at the start of the pandemic. But some adjustments were made with the expectation of working from home for a matter of weeks. With timing around a return to the office uncertain, teams are thinking through new demands and the kinds of tools and features that ensure they can support app performance, when app performance is more important than ever before.

64 mins

Entering the 5G Era During a Pandemic

Bilal Agha - Ooredoo Kuwait, Eslam Kandiel - Intel, Bassel Kassam - Nutanix and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

This roundtable video discussion will address topics of interest to Gulf Region telecom operators. The agenda will include discussion of current business climate, commercialization/monetization of 5G and edge computing, COVID-19, and the cloudification of network/IT infrastructure. Subject matter experts from Nutanix, Intel, and 451 Research will share their perspective on these topics and more and provide insights on how to navigate today’s challenging but exciting market dynamics.

64 mins

Harnessing the Power of Multicloud with Secure Networking

Hayes Alshammari - NIC Saudi, Mohanad Aljabi - Boubyan Bank, Diego Arrabal - VMware and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

Organizations are starting to leverage hybrid cloud infrastructure, but without effective and efficient security controls, they’re missing out on the full benefits that these new modes can deliver. A full 57% say hybrid cloud is their goal, but only 25% have a formal plan in place for hybrid, according to recent studies, and that’s creating challenges for IT executives as they look to increase security and drive operational efficiency. By putting virtual cloud networking to work, they ...

60 mins

Building for “The New Better”: How Adaptability and Resiliency are Driving New and Improved Digital Strategies

Kirk Joubert - Sysco Corp, Steve Madden - Sysco Corp and Kelly Morgan - 451 Research

The shift to digital was already well underway before COVID-19 shook the world, but not all digital transformation journeys are the same, and the effects have been felt differently by every company. What’s clear is that no matter the industry, digital has stepped further into the spotlight.

61 mins

Privacy, Protection, and Performance with Intelligent Search

Scott Parker - Sinequa, Adrien Gabeur - Sinequa and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

From personally identifiable information (PII) to confidential memos and trade secrets, much of your enterprise data is sensitive and critical to the business. The pressure to comply with regulations like GDPR or CCPA and meet the auditors’ requests has made fast and accurate discovery of sensitive data more critical than ever. This is the key reason that intelligent enterprise search and automated document classification, at scale, have become essential for large, data-intensive organizations.

56 mins

The New Era of Decision Intelligence: Make Smarter Business Decisions with AI-Driven Guided Insights

Ajay Khanna - Tellius and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

Data-driven organizations gain strategic advantage from their ability to synthesize actionable insights to drive business outcomes. However, with the complexity and volume of data increasing at a rapid rate, companies relying on traditional means of data analysis from BI dashboards using manual visual discovery are finding it more difficult to stay ahead of changes in their business, properly diagnose why changes occur, and determine how best to improve performance.

60 mins

Boosting Datacenter Sustainability – Key Steps to Take and Why

Mark Bidinger - Schneider Electric, Aaron Binkley - Digital Realty and Kelly Morgan - 451 Research

Sustainability is becoming ever more important for datacenter customers. Datacenter providers recognize this – in a recent global survey of over 800 datacenter providers, a majority saw efficiency and sustainability as strategic to the business and as key differentiators going forward. At the same time, regulators and local authorities have started scrutinizing the impact datacenters can have on the environment, which has resulted in some build moratoriums, legal challenges and threatened shut-downs. In this round-table we will discuss ...

57 mins

Ratcheting Expectations: The State of the Data-Driven Experience Economy

Nikhil Bhatia - Riversand and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

Digital transformation has allowed you to increase the quality of customer experience you can offer your buyers. Buyers though, are always demanding of a better experience and, with an expanding array of choices, they will rapidly migrate to your competition if they don’t like what you are offering. The only way for you to keep up in this increasingly high-stakes game of customer experience is to go all in with your data. How do you overcome the problems of data silos, legacy systems and poor data management strategies? What separates digitally-driven organizations from the digitally-delayed counterparts? Join us to ...

60 mins

Look Before You Leap: Do Your Homework Before You Migrate to the Cloud

Dave Chapman - Cloudreach, Rob Duffy - Cloudreach and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

In a world where business disruption is the rule (not the exception), organizations need IT environments that are optimized to support change and deal with shocks such as the global coronavirus pandemic. Cloud can help organizations with digital transformation, but the cloud migration journey needs to happen within the broader content of overall IT transformation.

62 mins

The Future of Analytics: Proactive intelligence for faster diagnostics

Peter Bailis - Sisu and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

With too much data, too little time, and the overwhelming possibilities that exist within enterprise data, decision-makers are often forced to make risky, gut-feel decisions. Recent data from 451 Research indicates that the volume of data used for analytics in an average organization is expected to grow by over 90% in the next two years -- to almost 600TB.

35 mins

Quick Wins and Practical Moves That Will Get You to Cloud Success

Peter Berry - Navisite and Jean Atelsek - 451 Research

In this webinar, Jean Atelsek, 451 Research’s cloud transformation analyst, and Peter Berry, Navisite’s CTO of cloud technologies, will provide insight and advice on how you can achieve immediate, near-term gains in the cloud, while navigating the unique challenges of today’s economic climate.

34 mins

Getting Beyond the Myths in Hybrid Multicloud Resilience

BJ Klingenberg - IBM Resiliency Services, Andrea Sayles - IBM Resiliency Services and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

Business organizations considering migration to hybrid cloud and multicloud need to be well aware of the resilience pitfalls and business risks. Managing business continuity is challenging when applications, data sources and data reside in distributed, heterogenous environments. The complexity and interdependencies create risks and vulnerabilities that can lead to outages and disruptions with high business impact.

60 mins

The Business Imperative of Investing in IT: How Enterprises are Prioritizing IT Spend Today to Improve the Digital Customer Experience

John Rakowski - LogicMonitor and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

Not even COVID-19 can stop digital transformation. If anything, the global pandemic has accelerated the process with the sudden shift to support an entirely digital customer experience.

62 mins

The Future of Analytics: Proactive intelligence for faster diagnostics

Peter Bailis - Sisu and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

With too much data, too little time, and the overwhelming possibilities that exist within enterprise data, decision-makers are often forced to make risky, gut-feel decisions. Recent data from 451 Research indicates that the volume of data used for analytics in an average organization is expected to grow by over 90% in the next two years -- to almost 600TB.

57 mins

Why the 'new normal' of business success demands a clear line of sight from strategy to execution

Pat Petitti - Catalant Technologies and Conner Forrest - 451 Research

Digital transformation and business success demand a clear line of sight from strategy to execution. Unfortunately, dynamic workforce changes and business silos exacerbated by mass shifts to remote and distributed work have obfuscated this line. Join 451 Research Senior Analyst Conner Forrest and Catalant co-founder and CEO Pat Petitti as they detail how investing in executive level visibility of business performance, organizational alignment and strategy can help your company dynamically deploy resources as needed to mitigate the daily friction that limits your business performance potential and improve execution on business outcomes.

60 mins

Cloud Transformation in Security: 2020 Accelerates a Growing Trend

George Gerchow - Sumo Logic and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

In recent years, IT has made a substantial shift to the cloud – and one of the significant beneficiaries of that trend has been security analytics and operations. Highly scalable, highly available platforms open the door to new opportunities for analytics and insights previously beyond the reach of many organizations.

56 mins

Turn Network Data Into a High-Octane Fuel that Powers Security

Shehzad Merchant - Gigamon and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

Join Eric Hanselman, Chief Analyst at 451 Research, and Shehzad Merchant, CTO at Gigamon, as they discuss the latest ideas and best practices to extract meaningful data to secure your infrastructure. You’ll learn where this data exists, how it can be accessed and how to refine it into powerful security analytics. In today’s unprecedented enterprise landscape this isn’t just smart, it’s an imperative.

57 mins

Critical Steps to Secure a Remote Workforce

Katie McCullough - OneNeck and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

In a survey of more than 800 IT decision-makers worldwide conducted by 451 Research in March, 38% of respondents indicated that they expect expanded work-from-home policies to be long-term or permanent. Fortunately, today’s technology supports remote work with relative ease; however a work-from-anywhere approach brings security challenges that have many IT professionals scrambling to secure their remote users while assuring that the enterprise remains resilient to threats, and that access to the resources people need to remain productive is both safe and reliable.

61 mins

Architecting your Streaming Data Ingestion Systems for 2020 and Beyond Date: Thurs

Nir Levneh - Equalum and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

2020 has proven that organizations will need to quickly adapt to dynamic shifts on the volume and the velocity of data coming from “new normal” conditions and new data sources. Cloud data migration, real-time machine data ingestion, and other top trends initiated in the 2010s are likely to go through a period of rapid expansion in the 2020s. Is your current data ingestion architecture ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead? Join Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Nir Livneh, CEO and Founder of Equalum, on Thursday, June 18th for a frank discussion of how to build your next-generation data ingestion systems. Key topics include:

63 mins

Next generation intranets need to be more than just an intranet

Matthew Boyd - Unily and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

The intranet is entering a new era expanding beyond the historic value of allowing employees to find information and communicate with one another. This new era will feature an expanded intranet that provides a single pane of glass view into the broader digital workplace with capabilities including process management, reporting and integrations with other business applications enhancing the employee experience. In this webinar 451 Research Director Chris Marsh and Matt Boyd Product Evangelist at Unily will discuss the challenges businesses face, what they should be looking for in their intranet, they’ll discuss the “Three A’s” framework – agility, autonomy and alignment – as a way to guide their deployment, and will look ahead to what the future holds.

61 mins

Reduce Customer Churn by Investing in Network Visibility

Brendan O'Flaherty - cPacket and Mike Fratto - 451 Research

Great experiences drive customer loyalty, lifetime value, and a competitive advantage; conversely poor experiences drive churn. Assuring great customer and end user experience is a necessity that requires investing in reliable and trustworthy network visibility - especially when the role of the network is turning strategic for digital transformation. This panel will look beyond simple ROI metrics to look at both hard and soft costs of having full network visibility. This includes poor experiences caused by inadequate performance of the network and applications that can go unseen without a consistent and reliable visibility practice.

58 mins

Managed open source: best practices for application development in a downturn

Donald Fischer - Tidelift and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

How development teams can cut costs, reduce risk, and increase velocity when building with open source During the last two recessions, organizations looking to reduce IT costs while staying competitive have followed a time-tested strategy: migrate more workloads to open source. Today as many organizations optimize their IT budgets, they are again turning to open source. For modern application development teams, open source is now the de facto standard development platform. More organizations than ever are building their applications on top of freely available open source JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, or .NET components.

44 mins

Navigating CX for Telcos: how to hyper-personalise in a privacy-safe way

Sharifah Amirah and Bill Danner - Intent and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

CRM and transaction data are not enough. Telcos struggle to get a 360-degree customer view because so much data is still siloed across functions. This is a massive opportunity, worth Billions. With the data they have, telcos can create the best personalized experiences for their customers. However, to activate this data, Telcos need a platform that includes new privacy-safe methods. Embedded privacy is a new technique that can unlock the Network data that offers Telcos a unique competitive advantage. Privacy is just the first of several solutions required. Extracting customer insight from network data requires processing billions of records, some in near real-time. Plus, new AI-enabled methods can extract human meaning, to drive hyper-personalized marketing and CX. Join this dialogue to: Learn why Telcos need to use Network data to remain competitive Find out how embedded privacy protects both customers and data Discover how AI can extract human meaning from Network data See how to activate your data at scale with a Customer Intelligence Platform

60 mins

Beyond Dev and Ops: 10+ Years Into a Movement

Stefana Muller - 2nd Watch and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

File data drives innovation in diverse fields such as research, finance, M&E, high-tech manufacturing, and healthcare. The growth of unstructured data continues to outpace the capacity of traditional data management capabilities, budgets and datacenters. While a slew of shiny new “data management” products are all focused on structured applications, unstructured data, often on NAS devices, is often left behind. Innovators need a new strategy. Though there are a number of data management products on the market focused on structured applications, unstructured data typically stored on NAS devices and file servers is often left behind. Innovators need a new strategy.

55 mins

Making Zero Trust Possible

Christian Smith - Igneous and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

File data drives innovation in diverse fields such as research, finance, M&E, high-tech manufacturing, and healthcare. The growth of unstructured data continues to outpace the capacity of traditional data management capabilities, budgets and datacenters. While a slew of shiny new “data management” products are all focused on structured applications, unstructured data, often on NAS devices, is often left behind. Innovators need a new strategy. Though there are a number of data management products on the market focused on structured applications, unstructured data typically stored on NAS devices and file servers is often left behind. Innovators need a new strategy.

64 mins

Making Zero Trust Possible

Tim Callan - Sectigo and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

The recent and sudden shift to work from home has exposed the shortcomings of traditional remote access tools and traditional perimeter-based approaches to security. These weaknesses have organizations of every size and in every industry actively re-evaluating outdated security models. Many companies were considering a zero-trust network security model before the recent crisis hit, but fully deploying zero-trust security across the entire corporate IT ecosystem is not an easy task. In this webinar, we will explore zero trust, what makes it possible, and how organizations can take advantage of zero trust now.

57 mins

How to Enable Technical Teams in the New WFH Era

Maya Ber Lerner - Quali and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

As public policy mandates a fast increase in remote work, businesses face significant impact and potential disruption. After putting off the first fires of the new WFH reality—from getting laptops to putting basic collaboration tools in place—it’s clear that quick fixes won’t last, and businesses need to start developing a long-term strategy for enabling remote teams. Technical teams are an area of the organization that are especially challenged by this new reality. This includes developers, test engineers, support engineers, customer success engineers, and even sales engineers. Technical teams are often not accustomed to working from home, and when they get to work, they need more than just a laptop to get their jobs done. They need applications, services, and infrastructure resources—whether it is from the company’s private data center, on-premise labs, public clouds, or a combination of all three. This raises several challenges for business leaders with regards to technical teams’ operations. Join 451 Research's Jay Lyman and Quali's Maya Ber Lerner as they discuss the requirements for enabling remote technical and WFH teams and best practices for putting such strategy in place.

60 mins

IoT App Killers and How to Fix: Lessons Learned from Real World Deploymentss

Steven Glapa - Aeris and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

Please join 451 Research and Aeris subject matter experts who will discuss why IoT applications break and share strategies on how to either fix or avoid the problem in the first place. To set the stage, 451 Research VP Brian Partridge will draw from the latest enterprise IT and OT Internet of Things buyer data to discuss: The types of IoT projects driving industries in horizontal and vertical directions Evolving business drivers and common challenges Best practices to overcome challenges - technology, culture, organization IoT connectivity trends as the 5G era arrives Market outlook, expected impacts from COVID-19, etc

49 mins

The Next Wave of Cyber-Physical Attacks

Andrew Tsonchev- Darktrace and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

Increased reliance on Operational Technology (OT) has become a hallmark of multiple industry verticals, from healthcare to manufacturing, energy and critical infrastructure. The sheer number of connected devices in these domains is expected to nearly double within the next four years, reaching almost 14 billion by 2024 according to 451 Research. This means substantially increased exposure to cyber risks – and increased opportunity for the attacker on every level from the individual operational system to geopolitical and national security concerns. What does this increased opportunity look like – and where can we expect adversaries to focus? Join 451 Research VP of Information Security Scott Crawford and Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology at Darktrace, in this webinar that explores the development of OT cyber-threats and calls out trends to help build awareness of potential attack scenarios. Special focus is given to the emergence of AI and machine learning techniques, which have revolutionized cyber defense, and will become even more critical as we look into a near future where machine learning is also used by attackers.

52 mins

Cloud Migration: Planning for Day 2

Joel Stewart- Pepperdata and James Curtis - 451 Research

You and your organization just survived migrating to the cloud. A successful Day 1 is accomplished. But what about cloud migration Day 2? Are you prepared for life in the cloud? Your stakeholders and SLAs aren’t going to wait until things settle down. Planning for success after a cloud migration can mean the difference between seeing the ROI that cloud promises or having to consider moving back to an on-premises solution. Creating an accurate cloud footprint requires good planning, a deep understanding of resource utilization, and granular data. Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls of your cloud migration Day 2 and continue to make data a driving force in your business. Join James Curtis, Senior Analyst for the Data, AI & Analytics Channel at 451 Research along with Joel Stewart, Vice President, Customer Success, and as they discuss: Trends and challenges of big data cloud migration Planning for success on Day 2 of your cloud migration How to avoid costly cloud migration pitfalls A cloud migration story How to set your strategy for a successful cloud migration Live Q and A

56 mins

Trends That Will Reshape Datacenters by 2025

Sanjay Kumar Sainani - Huawei and Daniel Bizo - 451 Research

The datacenter industry saw spectacular growth in the past decade on the back of insatiable appetite for digital services from consumers and businesses alike. Cloud services have established themselves as standard for next-generation workloads and provide fertile ground for the adoption of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and novel application designs for 5G networks enhanced by edge computing, generating need for additional ever cheaper compute and data storage. In turn, demand for more datacenter capacity will only grow in the foreseeable future. However, this puts supply chains under strain, from construction materials and contractors to the critical electrical and mechanical datacenter equipment. Datacenter builds also need to retain some flexibility to be able to react to future requirements as IT systems technology cycles are much shorter and sudden. More datacenter facilities also mean maintenance and operations staff will be challenged to increase their productivity and minimize the need for manual interventions. In this webinar we will discuss datacenter technology trends reshaping requirements for datacenters by 2025.

54 mins

A Practical Approach to Replacing VPNs with Zero Trust Access

Tarun Desikan - Banyan, and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

Deciphering NIST Guidelines to replace your legacy VPN and deliver secure remote access Enterprise IT & Security teams tasked with delivering secure remote access for their organizations have to plan for 2 secular trends: (a) more critical business applications are moving to the Cloud (b) more employees are working remotely, across multiple devices, than ever before Traditional Enterprise VPN-based approaches create complex unmaintainable architectures and security gaps. Zero Trust security models promise to reduce complexity while enhancing security but are often thought of as unclearly defined and too complicated to implement. In this webinar, we’ll describe a practical approach to Zero Trust security using NIST’s recently released Special Publication on Zero Trust Access.We’ll deep-dive into, and decipher, 3 core requirements for Zero Trust Access. Executing on these 3 principles will enable you to replace your legacy VPN and deliver secure remote access to your organization.

52 mins

New Insights and Research Into Attack Surface Reduction

Matt Kraning - Expanse and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

Most organizations believe they have their network locked down: they know what they have exposed to the Internet and what they have safely protected behind the firewall. But the truth is that almost no major organization has a complete picture of its true Internet attack surface. This webinar will explore the findings from an exclusive research collaboration between Expanse and 451 Research on attack surface visibility and reduction in the Fortune 500. Among other findings, we discovered that more than half of Fortune 500 organizations had at least one Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server exposed during a two-week period in 2019. 451 Research Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman and Expanse Co-Founder and CTO Matt Kraning will do a deep dive into our research findings and steps organizations can take to reduce their attack surface.

54 mins

Empowering Sales and IT with End-to-End Digital Workflows

Ben Vanderberg - Adobe and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

Ben Vanderberg, Sr. Evangelist and Technical Product Marketing Manager for Adobe, will be speaking with Sheryl Kingstone, VP of Customer Experience and Commerce at 451 Research to understand how IT can empower sales organizations with end-to-end digital workflows to meet sales targets and increase customer retention. This session will address: The role of digital transformation to eliminate manual processes How the adoption of new technologies benefits both Sales and IT Real-life examples of how new digital platforms and applications promote real-time operational agility

60 mins

A Tale of Two IT Ops Teams

Mohan Kompella - BigPanda and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

Imagine two IT Ops teams. One lives in constant fear that somewhere, someone will change something seemingly benign and trigger the dreaded P1 incident. They spend entirely too many hours of their lives on calls between 15 different teams trying to figure it out what caused the outage, while the clock ticks, MTTR rates skyrocket and customer satisfaction plummets. The other decided to take a phased approach to IT Ops modernization. As the business adopted new technologies, so did they. Consolidation of data across all monitoring tools. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) to automatically reduce the noise and identify root cause in real-time. And automation of key incident management workflows. Improved NOC productivity, increased L1 resolution rates, prevented P3s and P2s from becoming P0s and P1s, reduced ticket volume, reduced MTTD, MTTA and MTTR, and most importantly, made customers happier.

61 mins

The 4 Phases of IT Operations Maturity

Jordan Sher - OpsRamp and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

Join OpsRamp and 451 Research senior analyst Nancy Gohring for an insightful webinar on the four stages of IT operations maturity, and how you can advance your organization incrementally through each. In this webinar we’ll discuss: The platform approach to ITOM including the rise of new organizational models in monitoring, management, and analytics. Artificial intelligence adoption in the modern enterprise, dispelling some common myths and fallacies. The journey to IT operational excellence and what it will take to move your enterprise forward. Speakers

45 mins

How I learned to stop worrying and love cloud infrastructure automation

Amiram Shachar - Spot and Jean Atelsek - 451 Research

The wealth and variety of cloud infrastructure options is both a blessing and a curse – with literally millions of products and multiple providers to choose from, making the best choices for your applications can be daunting. Automation can help ease the burden but needs to be planned for and used wisely. This webinar will look at how enterprises are leveraging automation and orchestration software for cloud infrastructure, capabilities they're most likely to source from third-party service providers, and the benefits of using a data-driven approach to infrastructure management.

58 mins

Beyond Backup: taking a Cloud-Native Approach to BC/DR

Sazzala Reddy - Datrium and Steven Hill - 451 Research

Success in today’s rapid-paced business environment means that most companies are increasingly reliant on a dependable IT ecosystem to remain efficient and competitive. The flexible options offered by the hybrid cloud levels the technology playing field for companies of every size, and enables a cloud-native approach to protecting workloads and data that can minimize the effects of downtime, ensure system security, and defend against evolving threats; on-premises and off. You are cordially invited to join Steven Hill – Senior Analyst, Applied Infrastructure and Storage Technologies at 451 Research and his guest, Sazzala Reddy - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Datrium for a frank discussion of next-generation disaster recovery and how a cloud-native approach can increase the protection of your critical IT environment.

49 mins

Defend your cloud data by going on the offensive with CASB

Ryan Kalember - Proofpoint and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

The reasons for implementing cloud security access brokers have steadily moved from an original use case around discovery and asset inventory of SaaS applications to data loss prevention (DLP), monitoring user activity and adaptive access controls. Loss of in-house data control, data breaches, data residency and confidentiality are the top concerns for cloud applications and services. Join Garrett Bekker from 451 Research Group and Ryan Kalember, SVP of Cybersecurity at Proofpoint, as they discuss: Insights from the Voice of the Enterprise research report on Information Security in the cloud. Top cloud security pain points Need for preventative and responsive cloud security measures Why a people-centric approach to cloud security is imperative

61 mins

The Benefits of Open RAN for Security of the Network

Sanil Puthiyandyil - Altiostar and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

Operators are working through the opportunities that the next generation of Radio Access Network (RAN) technology presents, but often overlook one of the key benefits that open approaches can deliver – improved network security. It is a critical requirement for mobile network operators who are deploying next generation 4G and 5G networks, and with the expanded ecosystem, functional modularity and supply chain diversity can make strategic differences in security posture. Join us for a lively panel discussion that will dig into the varied and various aspects of open RAN security that will include panelists with deployment insights from Altiostar, Cisco, Intel and Red Hat.

61 mins

The Democratization of Data Ushers in a New Age of Agile Data Management

Tony Fisher and Craig Chaplin - Magnitude and Jim Curtis - 451 Research

Headlining terms like the “data-driven enterprise”, “big data” and “moving data to the cloud” all boil down to one thing - agility in the way data is managed. No matter your focus, the key enablers are new approaches to data processing, data management and analytics in the hands of a far broader set of application enabled data users. We call this data democratization, which will catapult businesses to new heights of performance—when done right! The proliferation of data sources and applications capable of making data usable by non-data scientists means that data analysis has gone from the hands of the few to the many in an organization. But the architectures necessary to accomplish this require a new breed of data management thinking. In this webinar, 451 Analyst James Curtis talks with Magnitude Software’s Tony Fisher and Craig Chaplin about the technology trends shaping democratized data access and the role of agile data management in the data-driven enterprise.

60 mins

5 Must-Have Items You Need for Your 2020 Ecommerce Strategy

Justin Sears - Lucidworks and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

The agility of microservices appeals to many, but where to start can be a journey in itself. Meanwhile, microservices are often conflated with Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform. This can lead folks down the wrong path by putting the proverbial technology cart before the architectural horse.

For ecommerce companies, times of peak demand represent a key business moment loaded with opportunity and fraught with risk. This webinar will discuss the pain points, use of AI to predict customer intent, and key performance metrics expressed by more than 120 online retailers in Lucidworks’ 2019 Retail Benchmark Survey. The webinar will also provide insight from 451 Research on the strategies, tools and techniques for achieving ecommerce success in 2020.

69 mins

Solving the Kubernetes Puzzle for Microservices

Nathaniel T. Schutta - VMWare, Joe Nedumgottil - Solstice, and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

The agility of microservices appeals to many, but where to start can be a journey in itself. Meanwhile, microservices are often conflated with Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform. This can lead folks down the wrong path by putting the proverbial technology cart before the architectural horse.

When it comes down to it, not everything should be a microservice and not everything should run in Kubernetes. How do you decide when, where, and how to take advantage of this powerful application pattern and technology paradigm combination? Join Joe Nedomgottil, Principal at Solstice, Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, and Nathaniel Schutta, Developer Advocate at VMware to learn:

62 mins

Preparing Your Business for the Digital Future: Connectivity, Cloud and Innovation

Melanie Posey - 451 Research

Driving innovation, business value, and competitive differentiation are increasingly dependent on your business’s IT, data and connectivity services. Forward-looking IT and business leaders are embracing the challenge, but there are multiple transformations to navigate. In an increasingly digitized world, the challenges your business faces can be varied - from modernizing legacy workloads to maximizing the potential value of your data, or to developing “born in the cloud” apps. “Hybrid cloud” or “multicloud” was once an unintended consequence of unchecked technology sprawl - but is now emerging as a strategy to manage IT transformation.

Learn from leading cloud industry analyst - Melanie Posey, the 451Group - on how your cloud can work for you and how cloud services can be architected to take advantage of your network capability. Hear more about how your business can achieve greater agility, scalability and speed – not to mention unprecedented innovation, and a future-ready workforce.

62 mins

The Boomerang Effect: Why Hybrid Architectures are Becoming the Norm

Craig Cook - Flexential and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

As intensity around cost management, security, compliance, and latency grow, businesses are more entrenched than ever in balancing a hybrid IT environment. Cloud solutions are a significant consideration in this ecosystem. Many enterprises that have gone all-in on public cloud infrastructure models only to discover unexpected costs, security and compliance limitations, and unsatisfactory latency. In fact, 1 in 3 organizations have "Boomeranged," migrating workloads from the public cloud back into colocation and private cloud environments in the last 12 months.

Register for The Boomerang Effect: Why Hybrid Architectures are Becoming the Norm to discover how companies are managing the Boomerang Effect by evaluating workloads, costs, and manageability of public vs. private cloud solutions

52 mins

Operating and Debugging Istio in Production

Neeraj Poddar - Aspen Mesh, Zach Arnold - Ygrene and William Fellows - 451 Research

Operating Istio in production is challenging as it involves a lot of complex pieces with the possibility of failures at various stages from invalid configuration to runtime component mismatches. Ability to identify and debug these problems is key to successfully operating Istio in production.

56 mins

Demystifying IT Storage Automation; Time to Take the Wheel

Stan Stevens - Hitachi Vantara and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

IT automation is gaining more awareness and top-of-mind traction among IT executives and teams as they seek to modernize their management operations that can help address their IT infrastructure complexities and rapidly improve delivery of IT resources. After all, by automating routine management tasks, IT administrators can gain greater efficiencies, lower costs, minimize human error, and provide proactive problem remediation. The challenge however is that IT and storage automation can be challenging and cumbersome to implement such as:

  • Where do I start my automation journey?
  • Do we have the right skills and resources?
  • What are the financial implications? Will I really see efficiency gains, what is my return on investment?
  • How do I automate these repetitive storage provisioning tasks?
  • Where are my peers and the market as it relates to IT automation? Am I behind or in the right position?

Join Hitachi Vantara and 451 Research as they will share some key insights into the current state of IT and storage automation, what the right approach to automation, and some lessons learned from early adopters of automation.

49 mins

Captivating Customers Through Conversation: How CPaaS Creates a Truly Omnichannel Customer Experience

Sheri Atienza - Vonage and Keith Dawson - 451 Research

The modern customer experience spans many scenarios, touchpoints, and communication channels. The experiences that win loyal customers engage people in ongoing conversations, delivering exactly what the customer needs in a given moment by leveraging what’s happened in their journey up to that point.

Register for this insightful webinar to find out how communications APIs are enabling businesses across industries to build these exceptional customer experiences. You’ll gain insights such as:

  • The current challenges in creating omnichannel customer experiences
  • The market dynamics shaping the customer experience landscape in 2020 and beyond
  • How communications APIs can be used to orchestrate meaningful customer journeys

Don’t miss this timely event featuring perspectives from 451 Research Analyst Keith Dawson and Vonage Global Marketing Director Sheri Atienza.



55 mins

Cloudify Your Mobile Network —Transitioning to Open RAN for Established MNOs

Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

The race to 5G has undoubtedly put pressure on established mobile network operators (MNOs) around the globe. To compete in this rapidly evolving market, including with emerging ‘greenfield’ networks unencumbered by existing infrastructure, legacy operators need to be efficient and innovative as they bring their networks of the past into the future.

Transitioning from traditional to open RAN is a path forward for operators looking to deploy next-generation wireless infrastructure. On this webinar, 451 Research Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman will be joined by speakers from Altiostar, Red Hat, Cisco and Intel and they’ll discuss:

  • Key benefits of open RAN for established MNOs, including flexibility, agility and cost savings in deployments
  • How decoupling hardware from software in RAN enables operators to build best-of-breed supply chains
  • Recommendations for how operators can transition from traditional to open RAN

    59 mins

    Data Literacy – The Empowering Skill

    Jordan Morrow - Qlik and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    In the world today, organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries, are investing, collecting, and trying to make sense of data. Unfortunately, there is a large skills-gap with regards to data and analytical skills, causing issues with adoption and analytical success. Come join this session to learn about data literacy, two main trends that are permeating the world with regards to data and analytics, and what organizations can do to empower their workforces to utilize data and analytics more effectively, and make smarter data-informed decisions.

    47 mins

    Break the Toolchain: Rewiring Application Continuous Delivery

    Maya Ber Lerner - Quali and William Fellows - 451 Research

    Each team along the traditional DevOps toolchain has their own approach to application orchestration—creating sequential hand-offs that don’t scale. But, what if everyone had simultaneous access to instances of the application environment from the planning stage all the way to production?Having a unified approach to orchestrating application and infrastructure environments can enable you to scale productivity, measure utilization, and accelerate innovation.

    Join Maya Ber Lerner, Quali CTO and Chief Evangelist, and William Fellows of 451 Research as they discuss the strategy behind Parallel Application Delivery for rapid development, testing, deployment, and innovation.

    56 mins

    Being Data-Driven in the Experience Economy: Use AI-powered brand, product and customer sentiment insights

    Zachary Jarvinen - OpenText and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

    Experience has become critical across industries from the private to the public sector to drive value. Heightened demands for context, convenience and control in all customer interactions require companies to re-evaluate how they provide contextually relevant experiences for their customers.

    451 Research data shows that digital leaders are prioritizing customer experiences as a key differentiator, where finding the collective customer voice needed for CX optimization has become an ongoing challenge. Enterprises find themselves switching between inefficient analytics tools. Disparate tools lacking the necessary capabilities increase organizational risk of not having deep customer knowledge leading to suboptimal brand perception, customer churn (estimated to represent an annual $136.8 billion loss), inaccurate targeting and ultimately loss of revenue and program inefficacy.

    Enterprises and governments need a complete picture of their customers, citizens, and products—along with accurate targeting to serve them better. Using AI, machine learning, and text analytics enterprises can now evaluate their brand and collective customers’ pulse to:

    • Maintain a healthy reputational/brand image.
    • Reduce churn and dissatisfaction risks.
    • Increase revenue while increasing upselling and cross-selling rates by 15 to 20%.

    Join this webinar and learn how to optimize experiences, improve program efficacy and increase revenue using AI and text analytics. Discover key tools needed to transform feedback sources such as operational data, free form surveys, customer service calls, social, web content, email, etc. into brand and voice of the customer insights along with effective targeting. Additionally, dive into specific use cases to track product enhancement needs, voice of the customer and citizens.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to know how leading organizations are leveraging the latest innovations in technology to drive revenue and citizen engagement..

    51 mins

    In DevOps, Ops Is Often Missing

    Joshua Moore - NetApp and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    The adoption of DevOps practices, designed to speed development and improve collaboration, often comes with downsides, too. For instance, with the embrace of DevOps, we commonly see tool sprawl emerge as a barrier to achieving unified visibility into hybrid environments. The result is that while the number of tools goes up, application performance goes down.

    Please join Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, and Joshua Moore, Principal Technologies at NetApp, as we discuss some of the ops-related pitfalls to DevOps adoption, as well as some approaches – including recommended shifts in organizational models – that can help organizations solve or avoid these common challenges.

    56 mins

    Email Security: The Biggest Problem You’re Not Paying Attention To

    Michael Hiskey - Avanan and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    87% of security professionals have deployed an email security solution, according to data from 451 Research. Yet phishing is among the top three pain points for CISOs.

    Because of this, 46% of security practitioners think email is the greatest threat to data security — nearly 5x higher than the next-highest responses, which were web browsing and internal network traffic, at 10% respectively. With only 7% of firms planning to invest in email security over the next year, this problem is more urgent than ever.

    Clearly, there is a disconnect. We need a new approach to securing email, since what we’ve been doing clearly isn’t working.

    Join us to find out why traditional email gateways and user awareness training are not sufficient to protect against modern email threats.

    44 mins

    The 3 Stages of Cloud Evolution: Charting Your Path from Hybrid to Public to Multi-Cloud

    Adam Denenberg - Fastly and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

    Whether you’ve just migrated to the cloud or you’re already exploring more sophisticated cloud architectures, a multi-cloud end goal can seem painfully out of reach for many organizations. Challenges like added operational complexity and working with legacy, monolithic applications can seem like insurmountable blockers to maturing and evolving your cloud strategy over time. But the path from hybrid cloud to public cloud to multi-cloud doesn’t have to be as intimidating as many make it out to be.

    Join industry veterans Craig Matsumoto from 451 Research and Adam Denenberg from Fastly, as they explore the pros and cons of each stage of the typical cloud journey and share recommendations on which stage is right for your organization today and in the future. Having discussed this topic with hundreds of companies globally, Craig will share his observations about the initiatives and projects that move an organization from one stage to another. Adam’s personal experience spearheading cloud initiatives while he was CTO at iHeartRadio gives him a good understanding of what it takes to get these types of projects planned and implemented. Attend the webinar to learn how organizations like yours have made this seemingly daunting cloud journey much more manageable. This discussion is sure to be a lively one that you will not want to miss..

    61 mins

    Transforming Digital Experiences with AI-Driven Autonomous Remediation

    Amy Feldman - Broadcom and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    For businesses today, delivering optimized, high-value digital experiences is not just important, it is a matter of survival. Consequently, the pressures on IT teams continue to mount. IT teams work under this pressure while they strive to track and manage service levels, and contend with the increasingly dynamic, hybrid, and distributed nature of their computing environments. To meet their charters, operations teams need an AI and ML driven solution that helps establish proactive, automated remediation capabilities that fuel superior user experiences, while offering fundamental breakthroughs in scale and efficiency.

    59 mins

    From burden to benefit: How compliance can accelerate better data management

    Shyam Potta - Riversand and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

    There is a pervasive perception amongst organizations that data-specific regulations such as GDPR and their associated compliance requirements are a net burden on business. The rationale is that data privacy requirements, in particular, restrict access and use of data and that compliance initiatives are cost centers. This can be true if the enterprise takes an ad hoc or “checkbox” approach to meeting individual requirements as they arise. But with a strategic approach, organizations can take advantage of evolving regulatory requirements to align them with proactive business objectives. After all, what these data-oriented regulations mandate is complete, granular control of enterprise data. With full control of data, the business can realize numerous downstream benefits in data quality, self-service data access, security, and more. This webinar will explore how compliance requirements can be an opportunity for optimization of data management practices, and how technology approaches such as master data management (MDM) can complement these initiatives for business benefit.

    58 mins

    Is it really possible to lock down an endpoint? Yes, but not how you might think.

    Carolyn Crandall - Attivo and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    Endpoints are the primary target of attackers, with research sharing that, on average, attackers can compromise them in under 5 hours and can break out (move to another system) in under 4.5 hours. Today, the stakes are higher than ever. With the rapid decentralization and proliferation of connected devices, endpoints are the new battleground. Antivirus is foundational, and EDR solutions add valuable improvements. However, even with these controls, attackers have demonstrated that they can successfully bypass them, and once they have, are extremely difficult to detect. Locking down the endpoint from lateral movement would massively valuable in reducing risk. So, is it really possible to lock down the endpoint? Can this same technology go so far as derailing even the act of active observation?

    Tune in with Fernando Montenegro, Analyst at 451 Research, and Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer, and CMO at Attivo Networks, for an engaging discussion on the latest Endpoint Security research, challenges organizations are facing today, and why deception technology has created a winning strategy for locking down the endpoint.

    54 mins

    Generating Revenue and Growing ARPU by Helping SMB Customers Succeed Online

    Dhanush Paul - rankingCoach and Liam Eagle - 451 Research

    Achieving growth in the market for SMB web services is becoming more of a challenge, and acquiring new customers has become a constant struggle as well. Service providers are increasingly challenged with finding new ways to reduce customer churn, and incrementally increase the value of individual users. In this webinar, 451 Research and rankingCoach will examine and evaluate some of the opportunities for adding value that reside in new services and capabilities, and help construct a framework for understanding the impact these services can have on a service provider and its SMB customers, including an emphasis on online marketing solutions.

    58 mins

    Extending Kubernetes to the Data Layer

    Oz Basarir - Pivotal, Bob Glithero - Pivotal and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

    More and more enterprises are deploying applications in containers on Kubernetes. But until now, the data layer hasn’t received as much attention. Yet an automation framework like Kubernetes has the potential for easing operational challenges over thousands of database instances, enabling enterprises to manage the data layer like their application stacks for agile development.

    Join this webinar with Pivotal and 451 Research’s Jay Lyman to learn how to navigate the data automation opportunity presented by Kubernetes. .

    59 mins

    Why Microservices Require a Shift from Monitoring to Observability

    Cory Watson - Splunk and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    As the way companies build and operate systems continues to increase in complexity, traditional approaches to monitoring are no longer enough for effective insight and decision making. The elastic and ephemeral nature of today’s infrastructure and the applications they support requires a new approach: Observability. Observability goes beyond monitoring to give you greater operational insight, leading to shorter incidents, fewer quality problems, a better product, and happier customers. In this webinar, you’ll learn what Observability is, why it’s critical for the success of your digital initiatives and what tools and strategies you can use to implement Observability across your enterprise.

    57 mins

    IoT for Global Expansion and Scale

    Amit Khetawat - Aeris and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

    Please join 451 Research and Aeris subject matter experts as they share the opportunities and challenges of scaling from small, localized IoT projects to global services that operate across national borders. Learn how 451 Research and Aeris incorporate real-world experience and emerging technologies to help de-risk and simplify your global expansion.

    61 mins

    Robotic Automation for CCPA Compliance – and Beyond -- with PrivacyOps

    Rehan Jalil - Securiti and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

    Privacy regulations such as CCPA give broad rights of access, control, and consent of personal data held by corporations to individuals. These stringent new requirements challenge traditional compliance and privacy management practices which are driven by cyclical, rather than iterative, surveys and assessments that are often manual in nature. It instead demands real-time and precise intelligence about personal data and consent amidst a myriad of IT systems and third-party vendors across a company. It also pressures organizations to adopt automated orchestration to streamline fulfillment of various privacy compliance requirements, such as the fulfillment of data subject requests, breach notifications, vendor assessments, and consent management. Compliance today, when executed systematically with automation, can be an opportunity to better manage and control enterprise data resources: fulfilling not only reactive regulatory requirements, but also accelerating proactive use cases such as data science and self-service analytics initiatives.

    Join Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst of Data, AI & Analytics from 451 Research and Rehan Jalil, CEO of SECURITI.ai as they discuss these new regulatory compliance challenges as well as best practices to enable your organization to effectively comply with CCPA and beyond.

    59 mins

    Getting Ready for the 5G Data Explosion: Data Center Operations

    David Craig - Iceotope and Brian Partridge - 451 Research

    Distribution of mobile core and edge computing capabilities for 5G is key for latency sensitive applications, but it comes at a cost. A distributed network will increase power demands and bring new power requirements at the core and the edge, so new power saving techniques will be necessary to support 5G functional foundations such as multi-access edge computing [MEC]. Placing more resources in these IT hostile environments not only requires new power saving techniques, it also requires impervious to everything, use anywhere technologies to enable rapid 5G deployment and scalability.

    This webinar will discuss the opportunities and challenges that 5G will bring and how distributed network topologies will impact core and edge data center design, deployment and operations. Leaders from ICEOTOPE will share how their next generation liquid cooling technologies offer a game-changing reduction in power consumption, how their silent, sealed and use anywhere cooling technologies are key to enabling rapid 5G deployment and scalability, and how their business model will support the telecom ecosystem in realising its 5G vision.

    62 mins

    Applying AI and Search In Europe - Now

    Simon Taylor - Lucidworks and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    Join us for a webinar with Lucidworks to get the inside scoop on how industry leaders in Europe are developing and executing their digital transformation strategies.

    451 Research VP and expert analyst, Matt Aslett and Lucidworks VP Channel, Simon Taylor will share and discuss key insights on:

    • The top challenges and aspirations European business and technology leaders are solving using AI and search technology
    • Which search and AI use cases are making the biggest impact in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail and energy in Europe
    • What characteristics technology buyers should use when evaluating AI and search solutions


    48 mins

    The Resurgence of Asset Management

    Nathan Burke - Axonius and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    Although admittedly not the most exciting part of cybersecurity, asset management is having a moment and becoming a priority for CISOs and security teams. In this webinar, 451 Research Analyst Fernando Montenegro and Axonius CMO Nathan Burke will look at why asset management is still a challenge, why it’s becoming even more critical to address, and a framework to getting a credible asset inventory, finding security solution coverage gaps. And automating policy enforcement.

    Register for The Boomerang Effect: Why Hybrid Architectures are Becoming the Norm to discover how companies are managing the Boomerang Effect by evaluating workloads, costs, and manageability of public vs. private cloud solutions

    54 mins

    Driving E-commerce Recommendations in Real-time - What's Needed

    Sandeep Nawathe - Adobe and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

    Better e-commerce isn’t exclusive to a faster web or mobile site: it’s about delivering contextual, personalized, relevant experiences in real-time. The challenge is collecting transactional information and combining it with historic and interactional data. These sources can range from CRM, ERP, and marketing technology systems. The experiences need to be delivered in real-time from these disparate sources for any channel. At the heart of unforgettable experiences that increase customer loyalty is a real-time customer profile that aggregates every identity fragment created by an application or system. Additionally, these real-time profiles need to scale to deliver insights for the next best actions from not terabytes but petabytes of data in the Experience Era.

    In this webinar, guest presenter Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President and General Manager for 451 Research, and Sandeep Nawathe, Senior Director of Engineering for Adobe Experience Platform, will discuss:

    60 mins

    Extending beyond the POC for Industrial IoT projects

    Tripp Partain - HPE and Rich Karpinski - 451 Research

    The goal for IoT has always been to leverage data from connected “things” improves insights to create operational efficiencies and uncovers new revenue streams for industrial enterprises. However, many IoT projects get stuck in proof of concept before scaling across the enterprise. To get the latest tips on moving industrial IoT projects forward, we invite you to join Rick Karpinski of 451 Research and Tripp Partain, CTO of HPE IoT & Edge Systems. Tripp and Rick will discuss multiple case studies that illustrate how companies scale and bridge projects across IT and Operational Technology (OT) to greatly improve future deployment beyond IoT pilots.

    52 mins

    Seamless Visibility for Service Assurance

    Nadeem Zahid - cPacket and Mike Fratto - 451 Research

    Digital transformation relies on creating a distributed IT environment that is optimized for business agility. The features and capabilities IT can deliver to the business quickly and reliably is far more critical than where the application, service components, or services reside. The net result is improved operational IT efficiency, selecting an operating environment that best suits the applications requirements, allowing developers to use the tools and services they know best, integrating applications with minimal disruption, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining good user-experience. Service assurance can’t be an afterthought. Ensuring applications are delivered as promised and are maintained at high service levels means monitoring that is architecturally aligned with the application environment so that it is continuous and reliable.

    58 mins

    No Host Found: Remote Connection Security in a Post-VPN World

    Ryo Koyama - remote.it and Eric Hanselman - 451 Research

    Internet connectivity has become a must-have feature for digital business operations. Devices on the edge provide significant value, but the constant connectivity comes with a price in terms of security risk. Hackers may target industrial controls, healthcare devices, sensors, or vehicles through their open ports and global IP addresses. Traditional VPN solutions are inflexible and expensive. How do enterprises connect devices and services securely over land lines, and increasingly, cellular data in ways that thwart adversaries but don't bust budgets or stymie flexibility? Learn how a new concept called virtual private internet is meeting the needs with lightweight technology that can be applied to existing deployments and new designs in the coming post-VPN world.

    Register for The Boomerang Effect: Why Hybrid Architectures are Becoming the Norm to discover how companies are managing the Boomerang Effect by evaluating workloads, costs, and manageability of public vs. private cloud solutions

    60 mins

    The CIOs guide for measuring ROI and securing budget for Employee Experience

    Vishal Ganeriwala - Citrix and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

    Measuring ROI for employee experience isn’t just HR responsibility anymore. CIOs and IT leaders are playing a more active role in improving employee engagement and productivity. IT leaders are working cross-functionally and focusing on improving employees’ daily work experiences through technology. This webinar will present IT leaders with a framework to measure the employee experience. Chris Marsh from 451 research will also articulate the most important factors to consider when making a purchasing decision for an employee experience solution.

    59 mins

    DevOps, hybrid cloud, containers: It’s a new world for operations

    Sasha Gilenson - Evolven and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    The practice of operations has evolved dramatically in most organizations over the past few years. The adoption of new technologies like the cloud, containers and Kubernetes, as well as new application development practices like DevOps, have had profound implications on approaches to driving top application and service performance. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    • How new technologies add significant complexity – including fast-paced change -- to modern application environments
    • Why DevOps adoption continues unabated, and how it contributes both benefits and challenges
    • The emergence of an IT Ops Maturity Model that demonstrates both pitfalls to avoid and practices that can support this new world
    • Why change awareness and and analytics is critical for maintaining stability and performance in this new world
    • How Evolven Change Analytics helps organizations accelerate with confidence

    52 mins

    Do legacy root cause analysis (RCA) techniques still work for modern, fast-moving IT?

    Elik Eizenberg - BigPanda and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    Legacy root cause analysis (RCA) techniques based on CMDBs and topology maps are failing IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams.

    CMDBs and topology maps are out-of-date and struggling to be relevant because IT today is fast-moving and application and service architectures are increasingly ephemeral.

    What’s the impact? Incidents and outages that are:

    • more frequent
    • more prolonged, and
    • more painful for customers and users.

    49 mins

    Guide to Eliminating the Top 3 Security Pain Points

    Kowsik Guruswamy - Menlo Security and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    When it comes to dealing with cyberattacks, 61% of IT professionals are not satisfied with the de facto cybersecurity protection method of after-the-fact investigations. Does this frustration sound familiar?

    The top three IT pain points have not been alleviated with this method. Users continue to click phishing links, IT teams don’t trust their end users, and there is still a distinct lack of cybersecurity experts. In addition, the typical answer to a data breach or ransomware attack is still reimaging the infected machine, causing worlds of pain for everyone involved.

    Data collected by 451 Research reflects a growing and commonly accepted trend: Phishing and staff shortages are the norm, and your budget isn’t factoring in the cost of an attack.

    Thankfully, approaches such as isolation can be an efficient way of tackling key areas of concern for security teams.

    48 mins

    How to Eliminate Tool Sprawl without Causing a Rebellion

    Bennett Borofka - LogicMonitor and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    Moving applications and workloads to the public cloud isn’t just about choosing the right provider and cloud-native technologies. Related functions, like monitoring, must also transition to ensure top performance in a complex, dynamic cloud environment. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most painful challenges companies experience when maturing their monitoring practices and talk about how to address them:

    • Figure out why tool sprawl happens, and how you can avoid it. As teams seek visibility into their cloud-native environments, they often add more tools, leading to degraded visibility. We’ll discuss solutions for unifying the collection of IT Operations data.
    • Understand the impact of brownouts and outages as a result of tool sprawl. More than half of outages and brownouts are avoidable, with common causes like passing capacity thresholds and hardware or software failure after a period of deterioration. Learn how tool sprawl contributes to this problem and what you can do to avoid it.
    • Learn how to address organizational and cultural challenges that come along with tool sprawl. Concurrent with cloud adoption, DevOps adoption is on the rise, but what happens to the existing IT Ops team? We’ll discuss a common Maturity Model that we’ve observed from an organizational perspective, and ways to prevent some of the challenges we’ve seen businesses face.

    Join 451 Research and LogicMonitor to discuss how you can future-proof your monitoring.

    55 mins

    Building the enterprise with Serverless infrastructure at the edge - Architecture and implementing serverless distributed backends for JAMStack, SPA, PWA

    Chetan Venkatesh - Macrometa and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    As enterprises seek to create new competitive moats to not just survive disruption but to become disruptors themselves, it's not enough to pursue digital transformation with just implementing cloud native architectures. The combination of serverless infrastructure with technologies like geo distributed databases, and edge computing enable a holistic new approach to creating applications with rapid time to market, global scalability and extreme performance at a fraction of the cost of conventional and cloud native approaches. We present an entirely novel way for enteprise architects and developers to think about building and running next generation apps using technologies like JAMStack, Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps for the front end coupled with Macrometa's globally geo distributed edge data platform as the backend.

    54 mins

    Hybrid-Cloud: The New Normal for Digital Transformation

    Rich Weber - Panzura, Jake Burns - AWS, Jeffrey Foydl - Lincoln International and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

    In the digital era, the ability to drive innovation, business value, and competitive differentiation is highly IT-dependent and increasingly data-centric. Forward-looking IT leaders are embracing cloud as the deployment approach for IT resources, but migration brings complexity. How are enterprises approaching the many challenges of transformation, which include legacy workload modernization; rationalizing pre-cloud IT infrastructure, determining optimal workload execution venues for enterprise applications, and enabling unified IT/data management across clouds? Hybrid-cloud IT, once an unintended consequence of unchecked technology sprawl, is emerging as a strategic posture to manage the transformation.

    In this webinar, Melanie Posey of 451 Research will examine the cloud-driven changes in the enterprise IT landscape and discuss how organizations can achieve agility and flexibility across unified IT environments with the consistency, scale, speed, operational efficiency, and governance required. Following the 451 presentation we will have an engaging panel discussion with industry experts.

    56 mins

    Audits Abound! It’s Time to Crack the Cloud Compliance Code

    John Martinez - Palo Alto Networks and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    Ensuring your cloud environments are correctly configured and adhere to your organization’s compliance standards is essential to prevent successful cyber attacks. Additionally, making sure these applications as well as the data they collect and store are properly protected and compliant is critical to avoid costly fines, a tarnished image, and loss of customer trust.

    According to 451 Research, 37% of IT and security professionals cite governance and compliance as the most important workload-related IT challenge currently faced by their organizations. Despite the availability of numerous tools, most organizations struggle to effectively control their exposure and maintain compliance across their ever-changing cloud environments.

    56 mins

    Being Data-Driven in the Experience Economy

    David Corrigan - Informatica and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

    The pressure to deliver differentiated and consistent customer experiences is increasing as a result of significant disruption occurring across industries. For businesses to effectively compete in this new environment, they need to capture, analyze, understand and act upon information.

    For decades, businesses have sought a comprehensive picture of customer activity and behavior, but also have been thwarted by data that remains siloed or unanalyzed. Finally, processes for getting a reliable and complete view of what customers want (and how they want to be contacted) are taking shape. Tools, such as customer intelligence platforms (CIP), that synthesize different data sources across enterprises provide insights into moments of influence and leverage, enabling faster, more personalized interactions with customers.

    In this webinar, Sheryl Kingstone, VP Research at 451 Research, will share why a CIP is critical for businesses that demand a transparent data science architecture and platform that empowers line of business and IT collaboration.

    59 mins

    The Transformation of IT Today: Out of the Datacenter and Into the Cloud

    Jeff Budge - OneNeck and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

    Todays’ IT landscape is all about the pressure to change. Cloud adoption and transformation dominate the priorities of IT organizations. It’s not all bad: Enterprises have a huge variety of options for infrastructure and software today, but also a set of challenges that aren’t necessarily technical. This webinar dives into the market trends and demand drivers for Enterprises and service providers alike.

    58 mins

    Solving the Great Challenge of Modernizing Aging Data Center Facility Infrastructure

    Patrick Donovan and Mark Hurley - Schneider Electric and Kelly Morgan - 451 Research

    According to the Uptime Institute's 2019 enterprise data center survey, the "greatest challenges" related to the infrastructure is aging infrastructure and keeping up with demand. Indeed, significant downtime risk exists when physical infrastructure systems approach the end of their useful life, software management tools no longer reflect or comprehend reality, and operations & maintenance programs become outdated. Aging data centers must either be modernized or have their business functions outsourced to cloud or colocation service providers to minimize the risk of disruption. Sites that postpone modernizing also fail to benefit from recent technological advances. These improvements make data centers simpler, more efficient, easier to manage, and more cost effective to operate today. In addition, IT demands change over time, and modernizing represents an opportunity to re-assess the requirements of the data center, such as redundancy and capacity needs. Fundamentally, you have a choice of buying new, upgrading/fixing what you have, or doing nothing. The right answer might depend on your future growth and outsourcing plans.

    In this webinar, we present a simple four-step framework for how to modernize a data center facility. Often, when modernization is discussed, the focus is only on upgrading the equipment hardware, but as we discuss in this webinar, these steps should be carried out for three key domains – equipment hardware (electrical & mechanical), software management systems, and operations & maintenance programs, since keeping the IT systems running depends on all three.

    56 mins

    How to Achieve Zero Trust Security by Leveraging Your Existing Security Investments

    Tarun Desikan - Banyan, Sadiq Khan - BlueVoyant and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    Zero Trust is attracting lots of attention, but enterprises are being asked to scrap or revamp their existing investments to achieve it. Such efforts can be expensive without necessarily delivering improved security. In this webinar we will discuss how enterprises can leverage existing investments in SSO, MDM, MFA, EDR and cloud to replace traditional VPN-based access with their own flavor of Google’s BeyondCorp to achieve a modern Zero Trust security posture.

    60 mins

    Hybrid Cloud: Moving toward the Next-Generation Data Platform

    Sazzala Reddy - Datrium and Steven Hill - 451 Research

    The growing availability and adoption of hybrid cloud infrastructure offers a truly flexible model for business IT, but along with it comes new challenges for managing, protecting and effectively using data that’s increasingly outside the enterprise datacenter firewall.

    While this presents issues for companies using traditional infrastructure, the future of IT productivity will no longer be limited to the physical systems on hand; and makes automation based on global workload and data visibility the next major step for the modern enterprise.

    In this program we’ll examine some of the current and future capabilities of hybrid cloud IT and explore some of the ways that hybrid-ready automation can move you toward the freedom of next-generation hybrid cloud adoption.

    56 mins

    Current trends and the evolution of modern cyber threats

    Nadav Maman - Deep Instinct and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    Stating the importance of having modern cybersecurity defenses has become a truism. Organizations of all sizes are rethinking how to apply security controls across diverse areas; such as Network Security, Application Security, Security Management, and Endpoint Security. As they do so, multiple questions arise: what are other organizations doing? How should we respond? What new challenges should we be prepared for?

    Join 451 Research and Deep Instinct on a live webinar in which we’ll discuss:

    • Current state and future trends for security across organizations.
    • What’s required in modern endpoint defense?
    • The role of AI both in terms of attack and defense. How are cyber threats of the future (is-delete) going to use AI and how we can protect against it?

    58 mins

    Containers, Microservices & Multiple Clouds, Oh My! -- Scaling Cloud-Native to Meet Ops & Security Demands

    Knox Anderson - Sysdig and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    When the trade-off for agility is complexity and the reward for efficiency is doing more with the same or fewer resources, modern software development can often feel like one step forward, two steps back.

    Join 451 Research and Sysdig for this 45-minute session in which we’ll:

    • Share recent findings from IT decision makers that highlight how containers, multiple clouds and other modern technologies both solve and create problems
    • Provide insights into how organizations are digitally transforming and determining cloud migration approaches
    • Address barriers that remain and tools, models and strategies to overcome them

    60 mins

    Unlocking the Business Value of Unstructured Data with AI/ML

    Anke Conzelmann of Iron Mountain and Nick Patience of 451 Research

    The vast amount of unstructured data that exists in organizations represents both a risk and a new set of opportunities. Until recently, that vast – and growing – set of data represented something to be tolerated at best, or feared at worst, given the risks inherent in ignoring the sensitive nature of some of the content. Now, machine learning enables not only the classification and management of that data, but also the ability to create new revenue streams from previously dormant data.

    59 mins

    Autonomous or Bust - What Is The Future of IT Operations?

    Mohan Kompella - BigPanda and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    Understaffed, overwhelmed and overworked. IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams are under siege like never before. IT execs, leaders and managers must answer three burning questions:

    1. How can IT Ops support new digital services that rely on today’s dynamic, fragmented & complex IT stack? 2. At the same time, how should IT Ops support legacy applications, services and tools? 3. And…how can IT Ops do it all without breaking the bank, or their teams?

    Join Nancy Gohring from 451 Research and BigPanda on July 11th at 10am PST as they discuss the future of IT Ops, how AI and ML are opening up a new frontier of autonomous operations, and why forward-looking IT leaders must embrace it to succeed.

    55 mins

    Anchoring the Cloud: How Enterprises Can Regain Control Over Networking

    Jan-Pieter Nentwig - Interxion and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

    Cloud migration needs an anchor, a way for the enterprise to regain control over all this connectivity. But that anchor point also must be flexible, to accommodate new clouds and SaaS providers that the enterprise might use. This webinar will discuss the use of a multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) as a partner in the enterprise's migration to the cloud. We will describe how colocation can create that anchor point for tapping a richly connected community of services, while provided added benefits of security, reliability and low latency.

    61 mins

    Cloud Storage Consolidation for the Modern Enterprise

    Charles Foley - Talon and Henry Baltazar - 451 Research

    Enterprise infrastructure professionals are facing difficult challenges and must find new ways to deliver consistent performance and data access in a cost efficient manner. With distributed and multi cloud environments becoming the norm for enterprises, this will only increase the burden of data management going forward. The ongoing rise of cloud based file services and the evolution of global caching technologies, will disrupt the market by not only simplifying data consolidation, but also accelerating storage performance and data access in remote locations.

    Join us on July 11th for a webinar discussing the current challenges with data management and how organizations can optimize their environments.

    57 mins

    Scale, the overlooked problem to MSP growth

    Justin Crotty - NetEnrich and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

    Vendors, distributors, VARs, system integrators, and others are discovering what MSPs have known for years - that managed services are a growth engine driving revenue and profitability. However, many organizations quickly hit a wall in their managed services growth. This is the same growth barrier that most managed IT service providers have been struggling to overcome for many years – scalability. Scalability is about achieving profitable growth, but scalability becomes an increasingly bigger obstacle as a service provider grows. Service providers that have reached the scalability tipping point are finding that margins on existing services are declining as the costs and complexity to deliver those services continue to increase.

    Join 451 Research Senior Analyst Aaron Sherrill and NetEnrich’s Senior VP of Channel Sales and Marketing as they discuss the importance for scalability for MSPs, the challenges service providers are facing as they scale their business and services offerings, and how MSPs can overcome these challenges and eliminate capacity constraints while also enriching their overall value proposition to customers.

    60 mins

    The Enabling Power of Distributed SQL for Enterprise Digital Transformation Initiatives

    Boris Bulanov - NuoDB and James Curtis - 451 Research

    Enterprise organizations depend on applications to deliver services and to connect with customers. As software becomes and increasingly critical driver for every industry, organizations must accelerate application delivery and optimize availability to stay ahead of evolving customer demands and market expectations.

    Modern application architectures and infrastructure now deliver the agility necessary to move enterprise digital transformation initiatives forward. The question many enterprises struggle with is how to choose the right technologies to move forward with.

    56 mins

    High-Impact Strategies for Overcoming the Visibility Gap in Security Operations

    Jason Pfeiffer - ReliaQuest and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

    Managing security and protecting the organization from a growing number of threats is a complex endeavor. Unfortunately, it is not to get easier any time soon as the corporate network perimeter disappears and organizations adopt an increasing number of cloud services, IoT devices, and emerging technologies. Visibility into the entire IT ecosystem is one the most essential components of a strong cybersecurity posture yet organizations report that visibility is one of the biggest challenges to improving their cybersecurity posture. Join this webinar to hear Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst with 451 Research and Jason Pfeiffer, Vice President, Product Management with ReliaQuest discuss the findings of 451 Research’s recent survey exploring the impact that visibility can have on both security and business operations.

    43 mins

    Digital Signatures and Digital Workflow Impact on Workforce Transformations

    Chris Marsh of 451 Research

    Improving workforce productivity has risen in list of IT priorities, and in 451 Research’s corporate software survey, it’s now the number one initiative for IT-led digital transformation. IT can make a significant impact by alleviating the pervasive friction employees face in getting their work done.

    57 mins

    Formulating an Agile Integration Strategy in the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era

    Sameer Parulkar - Red Hat and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

    The modern phenomenon called ‘digital transformation’ has emerged to craft more engaging customer experiences, improve business efficiencies, and fend off threats from rivals. The need for competitive advantage has driven organizations towards cloud computing, agile programming, and the move toward DevOps unification; and, it’s forced the modernization of IT architecture using innovative technologies such as containers, microservices, and artificial intelligence.

    But unintended consequences now burden organizations with disaggregated IT infrastructure composed of redundant data centers, multi-clouds, managed services, edge computing, devices, and things. To cope, business and IT leaders must conceptualize new agile means to integrate workloads across highly distributed and disparate hybrid multi-cloud architecture..

    57 mins

    Skating to the Puck: Preparing to Secure Global Payment Technologies

    Ian Hermon - Thales and Jordan McKee - 451 Research

    There is perhaps no more important security priority than protecting financial transactions. At the rate that FinTech is moving, how will security keep up? How will merchants and financial intuitions find new ways to reduce costs, increase their value proposition and simplify the payment experience for their consumers? The answer is to understand the trends that will be affecting your business and design your security to be ahead of it.

    Join 451 Research and Thales for a closer look at some of the most significant trends emerging in payments today and the technology developments seeking to address a broader range of security threats while supporting a diverse range of new payment approaches.

    45 mins

    Centralizing for Innovation and Extensibility – A Growth Mindset for Identity

    Martin Gontovnikas - Auth0 and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    As organizations pile cloud services onto their environment, and digitally transform legacy applications to microservices, the already complicated task of managing identities quickly becomes increasingly complex and fragmented. But it doesn’t have to be.

    Scaling the business and modernizing applications doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a siloed and disparate approach to identity. Identity, development, and engineering leaders are realizing there’s a better way to keep pace with changing business and customer demands by taking a centralized and customizable approach to identity management. By turning to a low code and extensible identity platform, immediate benefits such as removing operational silos, scaling without boundaries, and meeting security/compliance requirements, are realized.

    59 mins

    Process Discovery, Automation & Intelligence: Essential Technologies for Digital Businesses

    Ryan Duguid - Nintex and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

    Digital business is all about enabling new competitive advantages – achieved by conducting business in ways that prospects and customers recognize as superior to rivals and thus award you their business. ‘How’ an enterprise delivers customer value determines its competitive advantage, and another word for ‘how’ is ‘process.’

    The essential technologies needed for digital business treat business processes as a portfolio of strategic assets. They include next-generation capabilities for process discovery, mapping/documentation and analysis, automation, and means to extract intelligence from execution to improve outcomes.

    59 mins

    The Cybersecurity Evolution: From Point Products to Autonomous Security

    Richard Walters - CensorNet and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    Cybersecurity professionals are overwhelmed by the unprecedented scale of alerts and events they’re faced with as a result of having to manage an increasing number of point products. The complexity of multi-layered cyber security solutions, combined with ‘alert fatigue’ is having a striking impact on organizational effectiveness and a business’ ability to protect its people, network and assets.

    In this webinar, 451 Research and Censornet will discuss automated security controls and why autonomous security will transform the future of cyber security.

    53 mins

    Automation, Autonomy and the Database: What You Should Know

    Robert Reeves - Datical and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    The concepts of automation and autonomy are by no means new to the IT industry but attempts to bring them to the database and data management sectors accelerated in 2018, in part thanks to the fanfare that surrounded the launch of Oracle’s Autonomous Database. As we move into 2019 and beyond the push to incorporate database automation into IT initiatives such as DevOps, test auto­mation and container orchestration is also gaining momentum.

    Since there are multiple ways automation can be applied to database and data management work­loads it’s no surprise there is potential for confusion when trying to figure out how this all fits into a larger IT automation strategy. Please join us to clear up the confusion and learn what you should know about automation, autonomy and the database.

    58 mins

    Up your security game for digital transformation and IIoT

    Michael Murray - Blackridge and Christian Renaud - 451 Research

    The convergence of Information Technology and Operational technology required for digital transformation has exposed security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to secure critical and production infrastructure. The security of legacy ‘brownfield’ devices requires a strong identity component in order to determine entitlements for equipment, as well as inform process and organizational changes necessary to secure the Industrial Internet of Things. Join this webinar to understand the key role that Identity plays in IIoT security, key use cases and buyers, and what technology options exist today to solve these challenges.

    55 mins

    Automation & Intelligence: Essential Technologies for Digital Governments

    Steve Witt - Nintex, Evan Pfaff - City and County of Denver and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

    Governments now pursue transformative means to better serve citizens, offer new or improved services and extract greater operational efficiencies. They will require holistic and uniform means to design, develop, deploy and manage self-service applications and automate government operations across distributed IT infrastructure and cloud services that now compose modern IT.

    The essential technologies needed for to enable digital governments treat the processes used to create and deliver services as a portfolio of strategic assets. They include next-generation capabilities for process documentation and analysis, automation, and means to extract intelligence from execution to improve outcomes.

    57 mins

    How to Increase the Value of Your Enterprise Content With AI

    Zachary Scott Jarvinen - OpenText and Nick Patience - 451 Research

    71% of enterprises across industries struggle to harness the true value of textual data given its complex nature. Apart from missing opportunities to tap into valuable sources of insights, enterprises are putting themselves at risk by not being able to classify and process information in a contextual yet scalable manner. Traditional approaches to process information manually to avoid risks can waste as much of a quarter of a teams’ time only to be unsuccessful 56% of the time representing great unproductivity threats. At the same time, manual processing of large volumes of information delays processes along with an inability to share knowledge across the enterprise translating into an annual 47-million-dollar loss and risks of incompliance that can add up to 14.82 million dollars annually.

    To replace incompliance and inefficiency risks with compliance and scalable content value maximization, enterprises need to be able to increase the value of content by means of making it matter when it comes to kickstarting content-driven processes such as process automations, data migrations and privacy governance.

    Attend this webinar and learn how advanced text analytics and machine learning can intelligently classify volumes of information taking its context into consideration to prevent risks, save costs, and overall increase the value of your enterprise content.

    60 mins

    Hybrid/Multi-Cloud: The New Normal in the Digital Era

    Michael Elder - IBM and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

    In the digital era, the ability to drive innovation, business value, and competitive differentiation is highly IT-dependent and increasingly data-centric. Forward-looking IT leaders are embracing the challenge, but also need to address the reality of rationalizing pre-cloud IT infrastructure and applications.

    Hybrid/multicloud IT, once an unintended consequence of unchecked technology sprawl, is emerging as a strategic posture to manage the transformation. By modernizing with cloud technology, it can provide greater agility and flexibility across unified IT environments with the consistency, scale, speed, operational efficiency, and governance needed.

    49 mins

    Remote Patient Monitoring: Accelerating Technology Adoption

    Bryan Lubel - Integron and John Spooner - 451 Research

    It has been well-documented how recent CPT billing code changes have the ability to pave new trails for remote patient monitoring. Equally documented are the potential patient care benefits to be enabled by connected technology deployments. In this webinar, experts will not only discuss how healthcare providers can build meaningful and profitable services to correspond with the updated Medicare/Medicaid billing models, but equally important, how those same companies can navigate the challenges associated with the diverse technology deployment requirements.

    53 mins

    Navigating the Data Explosion: A New Way of Looking at Edge Computing

    Tim Parker - Flexential and Craig Matsumoto - 451 Research

    Join 451 Research and Flexential experts as they discuss what makes up The Edge and the heightened importance of a low-latency edge computing strategy in wake of the growing digital world. Expert analysis will include discussions around:

    • The new age of digitalization
    • The question of location for edge compute resources
    • The case for a service-rich, low-latency near-edge for mission-critical applications, data storage and analysis.

    48 mins

    Self-service Data Science — Myth or New Reality?

    Sean Byrnes - Outlier and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    Your organization has plenty of data. Your team likely spends hours, days or even weeks trying to uncover the hidden insights in all of your different data sources, within your vast amount of data or even your dusty data lake.

    • What if you could automate the data analysis process?
    • What if you could spend less time reviewing data and more time leveraging insights and monetizing your actions?
    • What if your stakeholders were delivered relevant insights every morning?

    Join our webinar where we will review the current challenges that complicate data analysis for many companies. We’ll discuss how companies are analyzing their data automatically with the help of Outlier’s Automatic Business Analysis platform. And we’ll explore how companies are using the unexpected insights they’ve learned with Outlier to optimize their actions and make data-driven decisions for their business

    59 mins

    Making Clouds Work as Advertised for Mid-sized Businesses

    Greg Pierce - DXC and William Fellows and Melanie Posey - 451 Research

    Making clouds work “as advertised” to deliver key benefits of speed and scale is getting harder– especially for small to mid-sized organizations without a deep bench of cloud expertise. Cloud management challenges have grown because of the jumble of clouds available, complex cost models and venues. The investment, time and skills needed to build a control pane and processes to streamline multi-cloud management is often out of reach for all but the biggest companies.

    Instead SMBs can take advantage of DXC Concerto’s approach which overcomes these constraints by packaging best practices and managed services to co-ordinate the use of hybrid IT and multi-cloud services through a cloud management platform. This integrated approach prioritizes the principles of right-sizing and cost management, DevOps enablement and automation with a “Safety First” posture to ensure SMBs get the maximum cloud benefits with the best cost structure.

    56 mins

    Digital Business and the Role of Hybrid IT Architecture and Operations

    Rich Harper - NTT and Carl Lehmann and Liam Eagle - 451 Research

    The need to quickly adapt to rapidly changing customer expectations and the actions of aggressive digital rivals demands a vigilant transformative approach. One that crafts new customer value and enables unique competitive advantages over rivals. Business and IT leaders now pursue new means to align business strategy, processes and operations within the modern cloud era.

    But today, IT planners have far more options as to how and where to run their business than ever before. On-premises data centers, co-location facilities and managed services providers are now joined to form hybrid multi-clouds – a combination of Software, Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) execution venues. Hyper-distributed IT infrastructure is often the by-product. But this approach can have profound implications on how digital businesses perform and whether competitive advantage, or unintended disadvantage, is the outcom

    53 mins

    Paving the Path for Digital Transformation with Open Source Infrastructure

    Terri Schlosser - Suse and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

    Digital transformation is critical to remain relevant, ensuring your business can continue to compete without disruption. Open Source software tools and infrastructure are key to a successful transformation strategy and advantages including agility, efficiency and responsiveness. Open source also plays a critical role in key enterprise trends such as DevOps, software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and cloud-native technologies that include containers and Kubernetes. Join us to learn more about the latest enterprise requirements, key open source technologies and how SUSE solutions address these.

    52 mins

    Securing the modern cloud: Trends and Practices

    Lisun Kung - Cloudvisory and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    The adoption of cloud-based infrastructure and services has become nearly synonymous with transformation and modernization. Cloud environments are responsive, elastic, and better tailored to specific user needs. They also have newer security requirements. Security teams now must support these environments, working alongside the rest of the IT organization, which itself has realigned along practices such as devops.

    In order to be successful in the evolution of their practices, security teams should understand how these transformations are taking place, what new challenges they introduce, and how to address those challenges.

    This webinar, featuring 451 Research Senior Analyst Fernando Montenegro and Cloudvisory Founder Lisun Kung, will cover:

    • How enterprises are modernizing their environments, and what security considerations are needed
    • Thinking through how Visibility, Compliance, and Governance build upon each other to achieve security outcomes
    • Use cases and advice for implementing security in modern cloud-based environments

    60 mins

    At the Gates of the Cloud: Organizations Are Rising to the Cybersecurity Challenge but Big Decisions Loom Ahead

    Josh Bosquez - Armor and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

    A new survey from 451 Research found that small and midsized enterprises (SME) are making big strides in cybersecurity. Eighty-nine percent reported that their organization now has a single executive leader whose primary responsibility is information security while eighty percent indicated they are increasing their security budgets by an average of 14% for the coming year. It’s clear that many SMEs have shown an increased awareness of cyber risk and the impact a breach could have on their organizations. However, big decisions still loom ahead. Chief among them, embracing digital migration to the cloud when that migration opens up new attack surfaces to increasingly advanced threats and misconfiguration challenges.

    55 mins

    Data-driven control: Access Management as a Facilitator of Business Value

    Gal Helemski - PlainID and Paige Bartley - 451 Research

    There’s a pervasive perception held by many organizations that data governance or effective access management for data somehow reduces the ability to leverage and derive insight from information. This could not be further from the truth. Full control of data is necessary for both data protection and data leverage. In this webinar, 451 Research and PlainID will explore the benefits of sophisticated access management strategies as a facilitator for business insight, examining how a data-driven – rather than identity-driven – access management approach protects sensitive informational assets while ensuring that information is still leveraged to its maximum potential, by the maximum number of people within the organization. Consistent control of data access, with automated functionality, is critical to enabling today’s broad self-service initiatives while remaining compliant with evolving data privacy and data protection regulation. Deriving business value from data requires strong governance, as data protection and data leverage are two sides of the same coin defined by strong data control capabilities

    56 mins

    Essential Technologies for Digital Business

    Will Krause - AppBus and Carl Lehmann - 451 Research

    Market rivals and empowered customers are forcing enterprises to reconsider how they do business. ‘Digital transformation’ has emerged as a means to craft engaging customer experiences, automate business operations and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink how enterprises engage and interact with customers, partners and their workforce.

    To cope, business and IT leaders must conceptualize new means to align business strategy and operations with modern IT automation platforms that can create new competitive advantages.

    48 mins

    Taming the Security Risks of Revolutionary Change: The Service Provider’s Leading Role

    Nick Santilli - OneNeck and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

    IT is at the threshold of a revolution. From the growing prevalence of technology that can analyze and learn, to the impact of cloud, DevOps and digital transformation, security risks are expanding and their nature is changing – and enterprises can’t manage them alone.

    54 mins

    Global Hybrid IT Trend: The Race to Connect the World

    Dan Thompson and Daniel Bizo - 451 Research

    Today’s IT end-user is anywhere at any time. As a result, the battleground for industry and market share dominance has moved global in a big way, with IT personnel and capabilities tipping the scales like the introduction of the cannon in historic battles.This race to connect the world is why we see hyperscale cloud providers expanding globally at an accelerating pace, driving ecosystems that feed off their local investments.

    In this presentation, we will obtain global perspective from Dan Thompson and Daniel Bizo from 451 Research as well as global executives from Iron Mountain Data Centers. The team will cover the following topics prior to interactive Q&A.

    59 mins

    Cloudy with a Chance of Severe Threats: Understanding the New Generation of Cloud Attacks, and How to Leverage CASB Technology to Stop Them

    Ryan Kalember - Proofpoint and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    As more enterprise data and workloads migrate to the cloud, security needs and practices continue to evolve. The perceived “big risks” -shadow IT and the security practices of SaaS companies – have been surpassed by attacks on individual cloud users and data. The good news? There are reliable, high fidelity ways to detect and mitigate cloud threats and risks to data.

    Join Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research and Ryan Kalember, SVP of cybersecurity at Proofpoint as they discuss:

    • How the industry’s conceptions of what matters in cloud security have evolved, from the initial emphasis on shadow IT and the security practices of cloud vendors to the current focus on the identity-defined perimeter
    • What the most successful and prevalent attack vectors are in the cloud, from brute force attacks to new forms of phishing that bypass multi-factor authentication
    • What to look for in a CASB solution to mitigate the risks your organization is likely to face

    53 mins

    Goodbye, IoT POCs. Hello Business Benefits

    Arik Pelkey - Hitachi Vantara and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    Why do more than 80% of IoT projects fail to make it out of the proof-of-concept stage? One unfortunate reason is that most companies get stuck analyzing sensor data alone and fail to attach projects to clear and compelling business cases with hard ROIs.

    Join Matt Aslett, Research Vice President at 451 Research and Arik Pelkey, Sr. Director at Hitachi Vantara, to discuss how correlating IoT data together with business data about customers, products, marketing, social media, etc. enables you to take a more business-centric approach to your IoT projects – and get them out of the labs.

    58 mins

    Edge Analytics and IoT Platforms as Essential Tools for Digital Transformation

    Rohit Goyal - Nutanix and Christian Renaud - 451 Research

    Across the globe, enterprises are actively transforming their businesses with digital technology. The amount of investment varies from industry to industry depending on maturity and previous investments in business transformation.

    This transformation requires line-of-business owners to rethink the entire digital transformation journey—from technology to organizational structures to redesigning company processes—to find new revenue streams.

    Join 451 Research’s Research Vice President Christian Renaud and Nutanix’s Rohit Goyal Principal Product Marketing Manager on March 26th at 12pm ET for a webinar where they will share thoughts IoT adoption trends, creating new insights at the edge, and best practices for digital transformation. Please come armed with questions for the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

    59 mins

    Effectively deploying Kubernetes on Hybrid Cloud

    Sirish Raghuram - Platform9 and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

    Kubernetes is a key enabler of cloud-native applications which are meant to be portable and capable of running on any underlying infrastructure whether it is on-premises, in the public cloud, or on the edge. However, Kubernetes is enormously complex to deploy and operate at scale in a single cloud. Running in a hybrid environment adds more complexity and risk.

    In this webinar, Jay Lyman, Principal Analyst, Cloud Native and DevOps, will discuss the benefits of deploying Kubernetes for hybrid cloud infrastructure, and the challenges enterprises face. He will be joined by Sirish Raghuram, CEO, Platform9 to cover:

    • Key drivers for container adoption
    • Challenges of deploying Kubernetes
    • Why Kubernetes for hybrid cloud?
    • The benefits of a services-based deployment model

    58 mins

    Shaping the Financial Ecosystem with Secure APIs

    Saira Guthrie - Ping Identity and Garrett Bekker - 451 Research

    Have you noticed that many of the leading banks and insurance companies have developer portals with APIs? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how customers’ needs for financial freedom are shaping the financial ecosystem, leading to an explosion of open APIs and a more integrated customer experience. We’ll discuss how and why finance companies are voluntarily adopting API standards and best practices from around the world—even though there is no US “open banking” regulation. And finally, we’ll discuss cybersecurity and access management capabilities necessary to protect financial services companies from the risks introduced by this new attack vector.

    48 mins

    At the Gates of the Cloud: Organizations Are Rising to the Cybersecurity Challenge but Big Decisions Loom Ahead

    Josh Bosquez - Armor and Aaron Sherrill - 451 Research

    A new survey from 451 Research found that small and midsized enterprises (SME) are making big strides in cybersecurity. Eighty-nine percent reported that their organization now has a single executive leader whose primary responsibility is information security while eighty percent indicated they are increasing their security budgets by an average of 14% for the coming year. It’s clear that many SMEs have shown an increased awareness of cyber risk and the impact a breach could have on their organizations. However, big decisions still loom ahead. Chief among them, embracing digital migration to the cloud when that migration opens up new attack surfaces to increasingly advanced threats and misconfiguration challenges.

    Join Josh Bosquez, Armor Chief Technology Officer, and Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and a former CTO, for a 45-minute webinar.

    59 mins

    Containers, from Development to Production

    Craig Monson - 2nd Watch and Jay Lyman - 451 Research

    Many organizations want to implement some type of microservices strategy, commonly by way of containers. Running containers in development can create fast feedback cycles and gives developers additional autonomy while working, but how does this translate to running containers in production? In this webinar we will talk about the main drivers and challenges with containers, as well as the huge divide between running containers in development and operationalizing your application at scale and for production release.

    43 mins

    Enabling a Culture of Self-Service Analytics

    Jennifer Cheplick - Syncsort and Matt Aslett - 451 Research

    As enterprises strive to create a more data-driven culture, they want to put more data in the hands of more users across the organization. However, not all enterprise data is easy to access and understand, and most decision-makers lack the expertise to evaluate the quality of the data they’re using to know if it’s fit for purpose.

    To enable a culture of self-service analytics companies must get all of their data into one place where it can be accessed – like an enterprise data marketplace – and ensure its quality so it can be trusted by the data consumers.

    Join this webinar to learn from Matt Aslett, Research VP, Data, AI and Analytics, 451 Research and Jennifer Cheplick, Senior Director, Syncsort to hear about how a combination of technology and cultural change can enable enterprises to provide a foundation of data integration and data quality that arms your organization’s data consumers with the functionality to enable self-service analytics.

    40 mins

    How Every HR Leader Can Easily Leverage Process Automation Technology to Increase Employee Satisfaction and Drive Overall Success of their Company

    Lauren Clark - Mint and Chris Marsh - 451 Research

    HR departments, like many lines of business, typically struggle with the pervasive friction that comes with using disparate applications and having content, information, people and process stuck in silos. The time and effort spent doing often very manual, administrative work not only can diminish productivity but it also can hinder employee satisfaction, and often means spending less time on more impactful work that drives better business outcomes.

    In fact according to a recent Nintex study “Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes” the 5th most broken process within corporations is employee onboarding.

    55 mins

    Contextualized, Personalized, Prioritized: Strategic Initiatives for the New Digital Service Provider

    Paul Hughes of Netcracker and Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research

    This webinar will examine some recent 451 Research data highlighting the importance of organizational alignment around customer and the sales process and will provide Netcracker’s perspective on how telecom and cable providers can prioritize their next moves to best address these critical issues. .

    54 mins

    2019 Performance Monitoring and Management Trends and Insights

    Darren Cunningham - OpsRamp and Nancy Gohring - 451 Research

    Serverless. Kubernetes. Multi-Cloud. IoT. AIOps. With so much innovation and change in the world of digital and IT operations management and monitoring, how do you keep up?

    This interactive webinar will review the latest research and feature a live Q&A on what's hot, what's new, and what's next in this dynamic and distributed market. Sponsored by OpsRamp, this webinar will also provide an overview of OpsRamp's service-centric AIOps platform and how OpsRamp customers are controlling the chaos with a new approach to IT operations as a service.

    Join Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst Application and Infrastructure Performance at 451 Research, on February 21st for a review of the market trends and insights from the 451 Market Map on Performance Management.

    46 mins

    Preventing Unknown Threats in Files: Why You Need to Know About CDR

    Taeil Goh - Opswat and Fernando Montenegro - 451 Research

    Why are document-borne threats still able to bypass traditional defenses? Learn about a technology called Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR), which prevents unknown threats in files without having to rely on detection. In this session you will learn:

    • How CDR can prevent threats in files by converting ‘unknown’ to ‘known good’
    • How CDR has evolved to overcome the loss of file usability, a major concern for organizations
    • The future of CDR and a simulation of real-world hacks that could have been prevented with CDR technology

    60 mins

    Strategies for Managing Unstructured Data

    Erik Ottem - Western Digital and Steven Hill - 451 Research

    Data protection has always been one of the top priorities of IT; but the very nature of business data has been quietly changing behind the scenes. Today, unstructured data in the form of documents, images and other types of media files are making up the lion’s share of new data growth, and traditional storage and backup models are unable to provide the information and visibility needed to protect, manage and realize the full potential of the growing mountain of unstructured business data. Please join Steven Hill, Senior Analyst of Applied Infrastructure and Storage Technologies at 451 Research and his special guest, Erik Ottem, Senior Director of Product Marketing , Western Digital, for a lively conversation on the future of data management and an opportunity to answer some of your questions about next-generation storage.

    52 mins

    Applying hybrid operational/analytic processing (HOAP) in the real world

    Shane Johnson - MariaDB and James Curtis - 451 Research

    The need to monetize data has become a strategic imperative for businesses undergoing digital transformation, whether it’s using data to improve customer engagement, identify compelling opportunities or deliver actionable insight.

    However, as businesses look to expand revenue-generating, customer-facing applications beyond operational processing to include analytics, they find themselves outgrowing the their transactional database. They need full operational and full analytic capabilities.

    In this webinar, we’ll share how MariaDB customers are combining row storage and operational processing with columnar storage and analytic processing to apply HOAP in the real world, complete with use cases, reference architectures and success stories.

    49 mins

    Put the Wind in Your Sales: Understanding the Critical Role of Automating Renewals as Part of a Digital Transformation Strategy

    Charles Dordevich - Nintex and Sheryl Kingstone - 451 Research

    70% of organizations are in the midst of plans to digitally transform the way they conduct business for more process efficiency, reduced cost, optimized customer experience and competitive advantage. Experiences not price or products will be the battleground of the future. Sales and marketing departments has invested in CRM systems, like Salesforce, to improve operational efficiency.

    Now they need to complement their investments with systems of engagement that improve performance effectiveness. In other words, corporations need to keep their salespeople selling while ensuring customer expectations are consistently met. But in today’s world, the actual act of selling often takes a back seat because of manual and time-consuming business processes.

    47 mins

    Overloaded infrastructure, overworked staff? Automated help is here

    Stan Stevens - Hitachi Vantara and Tim Stammers - 451 Research

    IT infrastructure has never stopped becoming more complex and more critical to business, and the load on both that infrastructure and the personnel that run it has never stopped growing. As a result, automation has become a major competitive area for infrastructure vendors. This webinar looks at the way to approach automation, and the way it is being affected by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    58 mins

    Just because It’s Internal Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

    Matthew Gardiner - Mimecast and Scott Crawford - 451 Research

    Organizations have become highly sensitive to security threats that originate from the outside, such as malware and phishing, and consequently most have taken steps to block them at key points of entry –including the web and email. But what about the email and web content that makes up most enterprise traffic – that which is generated internally? In many organizations, this goes largely uninspected.

    Did you know that, according to Mimecast research, less than half of all enterprise email traffic is inbound into the organization? The remaining traffic is generated internally and sent internally or outbound from the organization. Why is this important? According to Mimecast’s 2018 State of Email Security Report, 80% of organizations encountered threats caused by attackers infiltrating and compromising users’ email accounts.