Andrew Donoghue

Andrew Donoghue

Former European Research Manager


Andrew Donoghue was the European Research Manager at 451 Research. His main focus areas were datacenter cooling, including direct liquid cooling, renewable energy and on-site energy generation, and datacenter management. He had also led the firm's involvement in a number of European Commission-funded IT research projects, including CoolEmAll ( and RenewIT (, and worked closely with the Uptime Institute, a division of The 451 Group.

Andrew was the author of several major reports covering renewable energy and the datacenter; IT power management; and datacenter cooling He had represented 451 Research at industry groups including the Green Grid Forum and other major datacenter events.

Before joining 451 Research, Andrew worked with several leading technology and environmental publications as a writer and project consultant, specializing in green IT and related technologies. He has also held senior editorial roles at a number of business publishing companies, including CBS Interactive and Incisive Media. Andrew has been closely involved in research and fundraising for technology reuse in developing countries, and the benefits for education, via organizations such as Computer Aid International.

He has a degree in zoology and environmental science from the University of Liverpool.

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