Andy Golub

Andy Golub

Managing Director, Voice of the Connected User Landscape (VoCUL) | Washington, D.C., USA


Andy Golub is Managing Director of Research & Operations for 451 Research’s Voice of the Connected User Landscape end-user surveys and research. . He has 16 years of experience in building and managing survey research networks, and oversees 451 Research's ChangeWave panel and all of its components, including reporting and data analysis, survey operations, questionnaire development, membership management and recruitment. He also oversees population representative survey programs.

Andy received a degree in finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Geographic Coverage North America

Recent Research from Andy Golub

  • VoCUL: No Holiday Bump for Tablet and PC Buying (Leading Indicator)

    Consumer PC and Tablet Buying: Consumer tablet demand has steadily declined in recent years. Our latest survey shows further challenges as the holiday season failed to provide the typical bump in tablet buying. Apple and Microsoft are focusing on high-end 'Pro' tablets, while Samsung continues to offer a wide range of price points and screens sizes. For Amazon, the focus has been on lower-cost tablets that leverage the company's large ecosystem. A November survey of 2,257 primarily North American respondents from 451 Research's Leading Indicator panel focused on how these strategies are translating to consumer demand and customer satisfaction. The survey also took a look at the PC market, including Microsoft's upgraded Surface Book.

    Service Providers Enterprise Mobility Mobile Telecom Internet of Things

  • VoCUL: Leap in Overall Spending - Expectations and Confidence Surge (Leading Indicator)

    Macroeconomic Outlook - Consumer Spending: After five consecutive declines, our December survey is showing a leap in US consumer spending growth going forward. The findings also point to a surge in expectations and confidence. The survey of 1,784 US consumers from 451 Research's Leading Indicator panel -- completed December 21 -- shows increases for nearly every spending category, and the positive movement is also reflected across most major retailers. As seen in previous surveys, the uncertainty of the US presidential election was a contributing factor to delayed holiday spending this year. Now that the uncertainty has passed, consumers are more willing to spend.

    Enterprise Mobility Mobile Telecom

  • VoCUL: Brighter Outlook for Business IT Spending (Leading Indicator)

    Corporate IT Spending: Smartphone, Tablet and PC Trends: A new corporate survey shows an improvement in US business IT spending going forward. And while it's the best positive movement in a while, the readings are nonetheless lower than the past three November surveys. A total of 1,436 respondents from 451 Research's Leading Indicator panel who are involved with IT spending in their organization participated in the November 5-30 survey, which also focused on corporate demand for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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  • VoCUL: New Signs of Improving US Economy (Leading Indicator)

    Macroeconomic Outlook - Business Trends: The US economy is showing several signs of improvement according to our latest Business Trends survey - led by an uptick in 4th Quarter sales, as well as projections for 1st Quarter capital budgets and the sales pipeline. There are some cautionary signs as well, including slower growth in the labor market and rising inflationary pressures. The survey of 1,683 US corporate respondents from 451 Research's Leading Indicator panel was completed on December 12.

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  • VoCUL: Smart Home Market Gaining Steam (Leading Indicator)

    Smart Home and ISP Trends: Adoption of connected smart home products continues to grow at a steady clip. Could the emerging smart speaker category - led by Amazon Echo and just-released Google Home - accelerate the momentum in this space? Our October survey of 2,051 North American consumers takes a look at buying intentions for voice-activated smart speakers from Google and Amazon, along with other key trends in the smart home market - including the most popular types of connected devices and how users are interacting with their smart home. The survey also looked at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry in terms of satisfaction, biggest problems and customer loyalty.

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  • VoCUL: Q3 2016 TV Service Provider and Alternative TV Trends (Representative)

    Four times a year, 451 Research conducts a population representative survey of 4,000 US consumers about technology adoption, usage and buying intentions to understand how various tech trends are materializing in the mass market. The traditional and OTT TV Trends end-user survey covers customer satisfaction, loyalty, and preferred providers for traditional and alternative streaming TV services. It also covers switching plans, cord cutting and demand for streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Now, CBS All Access, and streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast. This survey is organized into 3 sections: Overall Survey Demographics and Device Ownership, Current TV providers, switching plans, and OTT services by demographics and Current TV providers, switching plans, and OTT services by current use. It was fielded in September 2016 among approximately 1,000 respondents.

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